United States Former police convicted of killing George Floyd want new trial, but expert says bar is high

The jury found Chauvin guilty last month and can face up to 40 years in prison.

Stateside George Floydin a former police officer convicted of killing has applied for a new trial. His defense attorney Eric Nelson has justified the claim with problems related to the activities of jurors and prosecutors.

According to Nelson, his principal’s trial was not fair either because of the publicity received by the case. Nelson described the publicity as “holistic and prejudiced” before and during the trial.

Black Floyd died in custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in May last year when police Derek Chauvin pressed Floyd to his knee from the neck for more than nine minutes.

The jury found Chauvin guilty last month at all three charges. He was charged with, among other things, second- and third-degree murders, which in Finland correspond roughly to homicide and the death penalty.

Second-degree murder can result in up to 40 years in prison. Chauvin has no previous criminal background, so he can get on with less. He is due to be convicted in June.

Floydin death was a new impetus for the anti-racist Black lives matter movement and large-scale demonstrations were held in the United States and around the globe.

The impartiality of one of the jurors in the Chauvin trial has recently been called into question after a public image of him taking part in an anti-racism demonstration. Experts have estimated that Chauvin’s defense attorney could use that image as a basis for appealing the verdict. However, the request filed by Chauvin’s defense on Tuesday did not specifically mention the issue.

A 31-year-old black man who acted as a juror in the trial Brandon Mitchell appears in the picture wearing a t-shirt with a human rights fighter Martin Luther King picture, the abbreviation BLM referring to the Black Lives Matter, and the words “take your knees off our necks”.

In a pre-trial survey, potential jurors were asked if they had participated in anti-police violence protests since Floyd’s death. At the time, Mitchell had said he had not taken part in the protests and could act as a jury impartially.

In addition to Mitchell, only one other juror has revealed his identity in the aftermath of the trial.

Minneapolis Star Tribune According to the magazine, the photo was taken in Washington last August at a march on the anniversary of King’s historic I Have a Dream speech. An expert familiar with the jury selection process Jeffrey Frederickin according to Mitchell, an earlier questionnaire response may be “technically correct,” as the Washington event was held as a memorial service.

According to Frederick, who commented to the news agency AFP, the case is ultimately decided by a judge, who also assesses whether the case is significant enough to affect the outcome of the trial. However, according to Frederick, the bar is high for a possible retrial and such decisions are rare.

American newspaper Wall Street Journal according to the deadline for filing any post-trial applications and records is Wednesday.

“Many of these allegations have already been rejected by the court and the state is vigorously opposing them,” said a spokesman for the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. John Stiles.

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