United States Facebook keeps Trump’s accounts closed for at least two weeks: “The risks are simply too great”

By closing the accounts, Facebook wants to facilitate a peaceful change of power. On the other hand, many Trump supporters have already switched to using other soma platforms.

The United States president Donald Trump will no longer be able to use his Facebook and Instagram accounts for the remainder of his presidency.

Social media platforms will continue to close presidential accounts that began after the riot in Congress, for at least the next two weeks, until the next president Joe Biden has taken office on 20 January. Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced Finnish time on Thursday night. Facebook also owns Instagram.

“We believe that if we allowed the president to continue to use our services during this period, the risks would simply be too great,” Zuckerberg said in his Facebook update.

According to Zuckerberg, the most important thing now is to secure a peaceful change of power. Trump’s social media updates have incited violence, which Zuckerberg believes was their purpose.

Something has been a significant part of the presidency and Trump’s power.

Facebook and Instagram accounts will be closed for at least two weeks, but Zuckerberg says in his update that the accounts have been closed “for the time being”. The closure may therefore last longer.

Facebook and in addition to Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat closed the president’s accounts on Wednesday after Trump posted a video after the riot began, in which he still made allegations of election theft. Some giants have since deleted the video or demanded Trump remove it himself.

Initially, the Facebook and Instagram accounts were supposed to take only a day. The Twitter account closure will take 12 hours if Trump agrees to delete his most recent tweets.

Companies have been criticized in the past for not addressing the misinformation and hate speech spreading on their platforms. Many companies set out to mark Trump’s updates as invalid during the presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped the updates from spreading.

The Washington Post Trump says supporters of Trump have moved on to discuss alternative discussions.


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