United States Democrats’ strange escape from Texas says the United States will be held hostage to Trump’s alleged “major election fraud” for a long time to come

Democrats believe Republicans are attacking the right to vote exceptionally violently, but nonetheless, Democrats have full power in Washington.

Last in November, the sitting president of the United States, the Republican Donald Trump said he had won a second term for himself in the presidential election. In his view, the scoreboards seemed the opposite only because the sacred election event of the world’s most powerful democracy had turned into fraud.

“They’re trying to steal the election, and we can’t allow that,” Trump said while the vote count was still badly underway.

Democratic president who defeated Trump in the election Joe Biden reported on Tuesday this week that U.S. democracy has suffered its worst ordeal since the 1860s Civil War. I did so because Republicans loyal to Trump are trying to rob people of the opportunity to vote in free and fair elections in the future.

“This is the most dangerous threat to voting and the inviolability of free and fair elections in our history,” Biden said in his speech In Philadelphia.

U.S. Democratic President Joe Biden criticized Republican-run election laws in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

The day before Biden’s speech, dozens of Texas Democrats went into internal exile in the capital, Washington, to prevent Republicans in his state from breaking through an election law that Democrats believe threatens voter rights.

Texas Republicans, for their part, accused Democrats of abandoning their constitutional responsibilities and thus degrading the will of voters.

The two of you the wild allegations of the president and the strange events in Texas all testify to the same thing: last year’s U.S. presidential election is still not over. And not necessarily for years.

Here are some questions about what miracle is really happening in the United States. Let’s start with Texas.

Why did the Democratic representatives of the Texas Congress flee their state?

Texas in Congress, Republicans have a majority. It was used to draft new electoral legislation for the state.

Democrats and activists believe the purpose of the law is to make it difficult to vote, which would affect minority voting opportunities and enthusiasm in particular.

Democrats say, for example, postal voting will be made more difficult, voting opportunities will be reduced and the possibility for biased election observers to disrupt voting will be increased, he said. NPR news channel.

Republicans, for their part, say they are on the issue of election integrity. Deputy Governor, Republican Dan Patrick for example, has called for a change in the law because “the people of the United States have lost faith in the election”.

According to the conservative Heritage Action, Texas law changes respond to citizens ’desires to“ make voting easy and cheating difficult ”.

The organization considers it essential, for example, that the identity of postal voters be verified, as well as that of visitors to polling stations, that voter registers be checked regularly and that election observers be protected in order to “improve the transparency” of elections.

Why don’t Texas Republicans legislate by their majority?

In Texas and in other states, passing laws requires that there be sufficient representatives in Congress to ensure a quorum. Democrats cannot win a vote in the Texas Senate or House of Representatives, but they can, by hiding, take a quorum away from Congress.

In Texas, Congress sits only a few months every couple of years. However, the governor of Texas can convene a special session at any time, which is why we are now waiting for how long Democrats will enjoy being away from their families, voters and duties.

Is the Texas Democrats acting anti-democratic?

Democrats say they defend democracy. In Washington, they have lobbied loudly for nationwide electoral reform and tried to use their state as an example of an anti-democratic attack.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has said he convenes Congress so often that the law is finalized. He has threatened to arrest the fleeing Democrats and forcibly retaliate them at the Texas Convention Center in Austin, The Texas Tribune reports.

Voters will be able to decide in the future what the parties ’power relations are in Texas. If Republicans get an overwhelming majority, Democrats couldn’t take away decision-making power from Congress.

The erosion of the quorum of the State Congress by mass exodus is not unprecedented. In Oregon, for example, a couple of years ago, Republicans overthrew climate legislation by marching out of Congress and fleeing their legislative duties.

Ballotpedia site list a total of nine major denials of congressional quorum at the state level since 1924. Four of them have happened in Oregon and two in Texas.

Why is Texas Electoral Law suddenly of interest even internationally?

Biden, Democrats and liberal activists believe Texas is only part of a broader attempt to suppress voting rights in the United States. Brennan Center for Justice by this year, at least 28 different laws have been enacted in 17 states that make voting difficult.

Republicans have begun to factory laws at a record pace after Trump’s election defeat. This year, at least 389 congressional parliamentary bill initiatives have been registered in a total of 48 states. In the U.S. liberal media, these are automatically linked to Trump’s accusations of electoral fraud in 2020.

Biden believes the country needs federal legislation that would prevent the enactment of laws that make it difficult to vote. Such a project is not supported by congressional Republicans, and Biden had no recipe in his speech to change the situation, Reuters interpreted.

Are not everyone entitled to vote supposedly allowed to vote?

This is a question posed, for example, by a presenter of the conservative Fox channel Pete Hegseth to a Texas congressman earlier this week. According to Hegseth, Texas has all the freedoms and all the time to register matter-of-factly and go to the right to vote: Why not make sure this all goes through as closely as possible in a controlled process?

The truth is that, for example, members of minorities and young people are more reluctant to vote than the rest of the population, which is generally out of the vote catch of Democrats. All kinds of obstacles and difficulties raise the threshold for the lazy or those unfamiliar with the electoral system to vote.

Some see Democrats building an inflated victim story comparing the current situation to the pre-1960 civil rights battles of Jim Crow. At the time, brutal racial segregation prevailed in the United States and the right to vote for blacks was restricted by a wide variety of means, although the 15th Amendment to the Constitution of 1870 basically guaranteed the right to vote for blacks (men).

All kinds of obstacles and difficulties raise the threshold for the lazy or those unfamiliar with the electoral system to vote.

If the Democrats are really the victims of a patchwork electoral system, they are doing well against it.

Republicans were already eagerly embarking on factories tightening voting rules Barack Obaman in the first season. During 2011, at least 19 “restrictive” election laws were enacted in 14 states.

Despite them, Obama was elected president for a second term in 2012, Democrats grabbed a majority in the House of Representatives in 2018, and last November Biden fixed the most powerful ballot in presidential election history: 81.2 million compared to Trump’s 74.2 million.

Currently, Democrats have power in the White House as well as in the Senate and House of Representatives of the Federal Congress.

Policy journalist Bill Scher notes in its analysis that Republican attempts to tighten voter ID requirements, for example, have shot the party on its own two feet: they have brought Democrats’ campaign machinery into flames and voters into the ballot box.

According to Scher, Democrats have the ability to defeat Republicans in elections, whatever the rules.

“Attempts in modern times to stifle voting have been too fragile to condemn our democracy to destruction. Republican intentions behind restrictive election laws may be malevolent, but the impact has been negligible, ”Scher write On the RealClearPolitics website.

So do voting restrictions have no effect?

Stateside the electoral system is so fragmented that even the slightest change somewhere in the country may decide who wins the national election.

For example, in the 2000 election, only 537 votes in Florida resolved the election Republican George W. Bushin for. In 2016, a Democrat Hillary Clinton received nearly 2.9 million more votes than Trump, but fortunately Trump got a meager victory in three crucial states.

Republicans are notoriously entrepreneurial people and so everything has been decided to try. In next year’s congressional election, the working hypothesis is that if the turnout were to fall slightly, the party could at least get a majority in the Senate, and Biden’s rule of power could get messed up properly.

Thus, in Iowa, for example, advance voting has been reduced from 29 days to 20 days, and even on election day, voting time has been reduced. In Montana, on the other hand, it was decided to abolish the possibility of registering to vote on election day, and so on, The New York Times lists.

Did Democrats commit major electoral fraud last November?

Trump has never admitted to losing the election to Biden, and many Republicans have supported him in his argument.

The integrity of the election was tested in dozens of lawsuits, all of which ended in Trump’s defeat. The recalculations did not change the results either. Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr stated that there were no signs of fraud.

No fraud relevant to the result was detected in any of the states. In Texas, too, the Secretary of State, Republican Ruth Hughsin led by the bureau, the election was declared “smooth and safe.”

How do citizens react to the official result of the election?

Major some Americans quickly returned to their daily lives. However, Trump’s most cumbersome supporters took over the House of Congress in January and demanded the repeal of Biden’s election victory in a violent and historically exceptional riot.

Published at Monmouth University in June in the survey 63 percent of Republican voters said they thought Biden won the election by cheating.

In polls, about two-thirds of Republicans have expressed that they would like Trump to run for president in 2024.

These poll results help explain why Republican politicians in so many states want to profile themselves as major fighters against electoral fraud: it’s politically safe.



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