United States CNN: Trump disappointed with his defense presentation, former lawyer criticizes confusing opening remarks

The trial of former President Donald Trump began Tuesday in the Senate. He is accused of inciting rebellion in connection with the conquest of the congress building as an Epiphany.

The United States former president Donald Trump was dissatisfied with his defense attorney Bruce Castorin opening speech in a civil trial, two knowledgeable sources say US channel for CNN.

The trial against Trump began Tuesday in the Senate. Trump is accused of inciting a revolt in connection with the Epiphany conquest of the congress building. Five people died as a result of the riots.

In his sprawling, nearly 50-minute speech, Castor praised, among other things, the Senate, including senators from his home state of Pennsylvania. Pat Toomeyta and Bob Caseyta. Toomey is a Republican, Casey a Democrat.

On the other hand, CNN says Castor said the Senate should not hold a trial because another official criminal trial in 13 months will “break the dams” for future public prosecutions. Castor hinted that the former justice minister Eric Holderia could expect a civil charge.

Castor admitted Trump lost the election, the newspaper The Washington Post reports.

“He was voted out,” Castor said, hinting that the former president would have already suffered enough.

At times, Castor appeared to have defended Trump’s freedom of speech, the newspaper The New York Times reports. According to Castor, Trump’s speech would have been “free and determined political speech,” not incitement to rebellion, The Washington Post says.

As an Epiphany, Trump spoke to his supporters in front of the White House. The crowd then set out for Capitol Hill and adjourned a meeting of members of the House of Representatives and senators in Congress to confirm Joe Biden election victory.

Another source told CNN that the defense’s speech went as expected, as Trump’s legal team was assembled just over a week ago.

At the end of Tuesday’s session, the Senate voted on the constitutionality of the former president’s trial. 56 senators voted in favor of constitutionality and 44 against. The trial will continue on Wednesday.

Two The source tells CNN that Trump was originally another defense attorney David Schoenin was to speak before Castor. Castor told the Senate that the defense changed the plan because “the prosecutors’ presentation was well done ”.

As Schoen got loud, the tone of the defense changed. He claimed the trial was political and accused Democrats of intimidating and radically interpreting the Constitution, which would allow any official to be prosecuted for an official crime at any time.

One Trump aide explained to CNN that Castor was trying to reduce the post-opening tunnel charge before the defense moved on to address the “unconstitutional witch hunt”.

Prosecutors began the trial by showing a video compilation of the Epiphany’s events. In addition, the prosecutors ’share ended in an emotional speech about the same events.

Although Trump was disappointed with the presentation of his defense, his close circle is still convinced that Trump will be acquitted.

Also many Republican senators marveled at the defense. Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn described to the press that Castor was only harassing and harassing and could not present a legal argument.

“Eventually, another lawyer got along, and I think he did a good job.”

There was one more vote in favor of the constitutionality of the trial on Tuesday than last month, as the Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy changed his position. He said the defense was confusing.

“They did their best to talk about something other than the one at hand. It was as if they were ashamed of their own arguments, ”Cassidy tells CNN.

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Alaskan Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski was in the same position.

“I was amazed at the first lawyer. I couldn’t comprehend what he was aiming for, even though he spent 45 minutes on it, ”Murkowski told CNN.

Trump defended this in his first civil trial Alan Dershowitz criticizes Castor’s speech on the conservative Newsmax channel.

“I have no idea what he’s doing,” Dershowitz said.

The outcome of the trial is considered virtually certain. The Senate is expected to release Trump from charges.

Donald Trump’s defense attorney, David Schoen, presented the U.S. Constitution Handbook to the Senate.­


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