United States Chris Chism drove four hours from the other side of Kentucky to the tornado area to look for his mother: “Where would you even start here?”

Dozens of people have died at a candle factory in Kentucky alone. The total number of victims in the tornado is feared to rise to over a hundred.

Mayfield candle factory worker Jill Monroe sent his son messages from his phone on Friday night saying he was really scared. It was about 9.30pm local time.

“This is where we’re used to tornadoes,” Monroe’s son Chris Chism told a Kentucky resident on Saturday Lexington Herald-Leader magazine.

Mother Jill is not a particularly fearful variety. That’s why the message seemed distressing to the boy.

Tornado raged late Friday and early Saturday in numerous U.S. states. An estimated 80 people have died in Kentucky alone, and the death toll is expected to rise to over a hundred.

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In Kentucky, local newspapers report stories of shocked eyewitnesses. Especially in the small town of Mayfield, the scenery is reminiscent of the end of the world.

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It is the candle factory that has become the center of the nightmare. There were 110 people at work when the tornado arrived. The factory building, reminiscent of a warehouse, was completely destroyed and there are at least dozens dead.

The 33-year-old Chism drove four hours from his home on the other side of Kentucky on Saturday to get to Mayfield and find his 52-year-old mother. Chismin’s fiancé, 27, was on the drive Paige Tingle.

Mayfield Consumer Products destroyed a candle factory in Mayfield, Kent, USA on Saturday.

Jill Monroe had begun his shift on the candle factory production line on Friday at seven o’clock local time. In his latest posts, he said he and his co-workers had sheltered in the factory’s social facilities and feared.

Chism asked her mother to let her know when the situation was over.

“I never got an answer,” Chism told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

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Chris Chism and Paige Tingle arrived in Mayfield on Saturday afternoon local time, shortly before the candle factory area was isolated.

When they saw the extent of the destruction, the idea of ​​exploration seemed utterly impossible.

“Where would you even start here?” Tingle thought aloud. Then he turned to Chisma and said, “We have to find him.”

Aerial view of the destruction of the candle factory in Mayfield on Saturday.

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