United States Biden’s inauguration shattered the imaginations of Qanon conspiracy theorists: “We have been stuck”

Joe Biden’s inauguration was a shock to the thousands of conspiracy theorists who had trusted Donald Trump, who had arrived from the “elite conspiracy,” to arrest politicians at the forefront of the ruling Democrats.

Qanon conspiracy theory disbelief is spreading among supporters.

The former president of the United States, who left office on Wednesday Donald Trumpin successor Joe Biden was allowed to swear in without taking any spectacular arrests at the event. Soldiers said Biden, the vice president, did not leave Kamala Harris, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and not the former presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama. According to Qanon, this was supposed to be the case – after all, according to the conspiracy theory, the Democratic name politicians are part of the elite satanic pedophile ring.

“I just want to vomit,” one of Qanon’s followers described in a Telegram messaging app for the British broadcaster BBC’s by. “I’m so tired of misleading information and the vain hope.”

“We’ve been stuck,” said another.

Biden after the inauguration, Qanon’s favorite discussion forums were filled with thousands of commentary on the situation. The events of Wednesday were a shock to those who had trusted Trump, who had arrived from the “elite conspiracy,” to order its central figures to be arrested.

Spread to Finland as well proponents of the false conspiracy theory believethat the world is ruled by evil forces and that Trump acts as a kind of messiah who fights against them.

The theory originated from the 4chan image forum in 2017 and has spread widely. Qanon supporters were a familiar sight at Trump’s campaign events, and they were is attached also to the Epiphany in the United States to the conquest of the Congress House as well as subsequent ones warnings the threat of violence during Biden’s inauguration.

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Movement is not uniform, and by no means did everyone believe that anything out of the ordinary would happen at Biden ‘s inauguration. However, many rely on it almost blindly.

Disinformation researcher following Qanon’s activities Jared Holt told Thursday the news agency To Reuters, he has never seen its delusions shatter in this way.

“Believers in Q have hung themselves from one betrayed promise to another.”

“Q” in Qanon theory refers to a character of the same name who began writing 4chan in the fall of 2017 suggestive messages About Trump and U.S. politics. Conspiracy theorists thought the nickname Q meant a high personal security rating, as Q believed he was working inside the defense administration or intelligence.

Q urged discussants to “follow the plan”. That was done until the plan came true on Wednesday.

“The inauguration doesn’t make sense. We thought the plan would get our country back, ”the Qanon influencer, who gathered 200,000 followers on his Twitter account, said, according to the BBC.

Some put the whistles in the bag, but not everyone was discouraged by Biden’s presidency. American newspaper The Washington Post according to the mother of two children interviewed, Qanon’s journey is just beginning: Trump’s election defeat was part of a larger plan to expose the perpetrators of electoral fraud.

On Thursday, a pile of new untrue theories spread on the Internet, according to which the United States would be led by an army instead of Biden, Biden and Trump would have changed their faces and the real – Trump – inauguration will be held in March. Qanon’s fragmentation has been exploited by other right-wing extremists who have lured them into their own ranks.


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