United States Biden: U.S. troops exit Afghanistan on schedule, troops leave by end of August

Biden notes that the future of the country is the responsibility of the Afghans themselves. He said the Taliban was at its military strongest since 2001, but still relied on the Afghan army.

The United States president Joe Biden has held a briefing on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. In addition to the White House live broadcast, the speech was reported by news agencies AFP and Reuters.

Biden said U.S. troops are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by August 31st.

According to Biden, the United States has achieved its goal in the country, which is to weaken Al Qaeda and prevent further attacks on the United States.

“We will end the longest war in the United States,” Biden said in his speech.

Biden said the future of Afghanistan is in the hands of its own citizens.

“We didn’t go to Afghanistan to build a nation. It is the right and responsibility of Afghans to decide their future and how they want to lead their country. ”

To the reporter’s inquiries, Biden responded that the rise of the Taliban to rule the entire country is not inevitable. He also denied one journalist’s claim that the U.S.’s own intelligence had estimated the Afghan regime was collapsing.

However, Biden acknowledged that the Taliban is at its military power since 2001. Since the withdrawal of U.S. troops, the organization has steadily conquered new territories in Afghanistan, and the country’s own military is feared to be severely undercut.

One the reporter also asked Biden if he trusted the Taliban.

“I don’t trust the Taliban, but I trust the capabilities of the Afghan army,” Biden said.

According to Biden, the United States is not responsible for civilian casualties if the Taliban take power in Afghanistan.



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