United States Before leaving, Trump left a “generous” letter on the table in Biden’s study

The new President of the United States, Joe Biden, did not say exactly what the letter read. He said he wanted to talk to Trump first.

On Wednesday the former president of the United States, who ended his four-year term Donald Trump left to his successor To Joe Biden before leaving, a letter that Biden described as “very generous” on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters in his office at the White House, Biden did not specify what the message read.

“The letter was private, so I won’t tell you more about it until I talk to him [Trumpille], ”He told the news channel CNN’s by.

Receding the president’s letter has become a tradition in the United States. It is customary to leave waiting for the new president on the table in his office.

However, following the tradition was not clear, as Trump has not always founded them: on Wednesday, he became the first president in 152 years who did not attend his successor’s inauguration. Nor did Trump officially congratulate him on his election victory.

Trumpin the assistant told CNN that the letter was a personal message in which the former president wished the United States success and that the new administration would take care of the state he led.

The statement was therefore similar to the one Trump gave on Tuesday in his farewell speech. “A new administration will take office this week. We pray that it will succeed in keeping the United States safe and prosperous, ”he said at the time.

The letter was written on Tuesday night, according to the assistant. Power changed on Wednesday morning local time.

In January Trump, who just started in 2017, delighted his predecessor himself Barack Obaman from the letter he left him so much that he tried to call him immediately after reading it, CNN says.

However, Obama did not respond as he was already sitting on the plane.

Eventually, one of Obama’s aides contacted the White House, but at the other end of the wire was Trump’s auxiliary instead. Trump’s aide said the president just wanted to thank Obama and hoped he would get his message.

Trump and Obama never talked about it.


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