United States | According to the US ambassador, the quick ratification of Finland’s NATO membership in the US sends a message to Turkey as well

The US ambassador to Finland, Douglas Hickey, traveled to Washington at the end of July to discuss with members of the Senate what kind of added value Finland brings to the military alliance.

of the United States the Senate’s strong support for Finland’s NATO membership shows how committed the United States currently is both to the military alliance in NATO and to the future membership of Finland and Sweden in it, the US ambassador to Finland estimates Douglas Hickey In an interview with HS.

“It shows that we are committed to the NATO membership of these countries and are ready to support it with all possible means,” says Hickey.

“This sends a signal to all countries, including Turkey, about how seriously the United States takes this issue.”

United States ratify Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO memberships on the night before Thursday with exceptionally clear readings. Only one of the hundred members of the country’s senate voted against ratification. There were a total of 95 people who voted in favor.

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Read more: “Even in a harsh environment, these numbers can be interpreted” – the rapid ratification of Finland’s NATO membership in the USA sends a message to Turkey as well

Vote The ratification of Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO memberships was completed before the senate goes on its summer break at the end of this week. This was not self-evident: just over a week before the voting day, the online newspaper Politico reported Republican Senator Rand Paul’s trying to delay the vote beyond the summer break.

However, Hickey says that he was confident about keeping the schedule. According to him, the Senate minority leader, Republicans Mitch McConnell had made it very clear that the matter should be dealt with before the summer break.

“Also a Democratic senator Jim Risch and the Foreign Affairs Committee said the same thing when we were in Washington,” Hickey says.

Key according to Hickey, the reason for the swift progress of the matter was the senate members’ understanding across party lines that Finland and Sweden are a significant addition to NATO’s strength.

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This view was also confirmed by Hickey himself at the end of July in Washington together with the commander of the defense forces Timo Kivinen and Finland’s ambassador to the United States Mikko Hautala with.

“Our task was to inform the members of the Senate about the strength that Finland brings to NATO. It was an opportunity for us to increase the senators’ awareness of things they might not have known before,” says Hickey about the trip.

According to him, in the discussions across party lines, the senators were interested in hearing more about Finland and getting more information about its strengths.

of the United States after ratification, there are still seven countries that have not ratified Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership. According to Hickey, we should wait patiently for these countries and respect their national processes.

“However, I fully believe that this will proceed quickly to the end. I know your next question is when will the process be completed. I can’t know that, but what I do know is that the remaining countries have good intentions regarding the process and that they will proceed as quickly as possible,” Hickey assessed.

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