Ultrasound The ultra-runner had to face a bitter fact: the world record for the 100-kilometer run was only 11 seconds away

Jim Walmsley ran 100 miles in an ultra-running race on September 6, 25 at Chandler, Arizona.

American ultra runner Jim Walmsley can really say: so close but so far. Walmsley’s goal on Saturday was to run a 100-kilometer world record: after more than six hours of contracting, he missed a meager eleven seconds from the record, says Runnersworld.com.

The 100-kilometer running race organized by running shoe company Hoka was run in Chandler, Arizona.

Walmsley’s time was 9/6/25. The world record ran on September 6, 14 Nao Kazami in 2018. As a small consolation, Walmsley broke the U.S. record clearly, by more than 18 minutes.

With 10 miles left, Walmsley should have run it at 37.58 or less, but he didn’t quite get there.

“I feel like I’ve got everything out of myself. I don’t feel like giving up, but it was hard to see the seconds ticking. This is a bit bitter, but I was rewarded with a U.S. record and they are not achieved very often. It was a great day, ”Walmsley said after the race.

“I have to try again.”

In the competition there were nineteen runners involved, both men and women. Walmsley was also a pre-favorite in the men’s race.

Women’s pre-favorite of the competition Camille Herron had to leave the race due to a hip injury. The best of women was French Audrey Tanguy, 7.40.35.


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