Ullanlinna murder | The police suspect: The psychiatrist had acquired equipment to dispose of the body

The method of the suspected murder in Ullanlinna was violence to the head. The police do not reveal whether, for example, astalo was used in the act.

Ullanlinna the method of the suspected murder was partially clarified. The act is suspected to have been caused by violence aimed at the head, says the head of the investigation, the crime commissioner Tommi Lehtonen from the Helsinki police.

The victim was a 47-year-old woman. Her husband is suspected of the crime.

“The suspect himself considers the events more of an accident, but that does not correspond to our view,” says Lehtonen.

According to Lehtonen, strong and repeated violence had been applied to the head. Lehtonen does not comment on whether, for example, a machete or a bladed weapon was used in the act.

According to Lehtonen, no clear motive was ultimately found for the psychiatrist’s actions. The investigation investigated, among other things, whether there were, for example, financial interests behind the murder.

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Case has just transferred from the police to the prosecutor. The criminal suspicion is still murder and five attempted murders.

According to Lehtonen, the suspect had acted in a planned manner: The suspect had acquired tools to cover up the act. Among other things, the man had acquired equipment suitable for transporting and disposing of the body.

The crime was revealed when the neighbors saw the man in the portico of his house trying to move the body in the garbage bag to his car.

The attempted murders concern the situation that happened in August 2021, when a man drove into the sea at Kauppatori. In addition to the suspect, there were five family members in the same car.

The Supreme Court (KKO) ruled on Tuesday that the suspect’s previous fine for endangering traffic safety will not be overturned. Therefore, he cannot be charged with attempted murder.

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