Ukraine Ukrainian and US sources: Russia is preparing for a winter war in Ukraine – Is it still a bulge or a feared attack from three directions?

United States has distributed to its NATO allies maps of Russian armed forces at Ukraine’s borders and warned its partners of Russia’s plans to attack.

According to US estimates, Russia would prepare to attack Ukraine from three directions early next year, but no decision has been made in Moscow.

News agency Bloomberg told reporters of U.S.-issued warnings and intelligence on Sunday. Bloomberg based its data on several anonymous sources.

Russian less than a month ago, it was reported that it had brought nearly one hundred thousand soldiers to destinations such as about a hundred kilometers from the borders with Belarus and Ukraine.

Director of Military Intelligence in Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov gave the same assessment to the United States Military Times magazine interview on Sunday. According to him, Russia is preparing to attack in late January or early February.

The attack would begin with air, artillery, and armor strikes, after which troops would advance on three fronts. Landing forces would attack across Ukraine’s eastern border, with a smaller attack through Belarus and a landing in Odessa and Mariupol.

Offensive allegations are so heavy that they have not been fully signed by the political leaders of Ukraine and the United States.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksi Reznikov said last week The Washington Postille, he does not believe in the president of Russia Vladimir Putin at least not yet made a decision on the attack. With the transfer of troops, Putin is essentially testing how the West reacts.

“He is testing the unity of the EU, the unanimity of NATO allies, the Ukrainians and our society, Poland and the Baltic countries,” Reznikov said.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (left) and President Vladimir Putin followed the Zapad military exercise in the Nizhny Novgorod region in September.

The United States Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blinkenin and the Minister of Defense Lloyd Austinin the estimates were parallel. In any case, the United States is considering sending military advisers and weapons to Ukraine because of the Russian threat, the news channel reports. CNN.

Ukraine has previously asked the United States for at least anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles and grenade launchers.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin reversed the charges in another Saturday, the newspaper said Izvestia. He blamed the United States and its NATO allies for provocative surprise exercises in the Black Sea.

“In addition to the large naval division, the exercises involved the Air Force and strategic bombers,” Putin claimed on Russian television.

Spokesman for the President Dmitry Peskov in turn, commented on Bloomberg’s Sunday article in the news agency Ria Novostille saying it is part of a “determined information campaign” to blacken Russia. According to him, it also covers up the ongoing intrigues in Kiev.

Invoices Russia’s plans to attack began in late October, when information about the transfer of Russian troops began to seep into the public eye.

American newspaper Politico published an article on the first day of November based on satellite images from the commercial company Maxar Technologies. Based on them, Russia had moved troops and equipment to the city of Yelnya at least a hundred kilometers from the Belarusian border.

A satellite image of the equipment brought to the city of Yelnyna southeast of Smolensk on 1 November.

Meanwhile, the military publication Jane’s said Russia had brought armor and artillery to both Bryansk and Kursk near the Ukrainian border. In total, more than 92,000 troops had been transferred to the region since September.

Amount is about the same as the number of troops brought into Russian territory last April. At that time, the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu said an extra three-week military exercise was underway.

The troops were withdrawn according to the schedule told by Shoigu, but some of them left their equipment near the Ukrainian border.

In addition, in September, Russia’s Western Military District, together with Belarus, organized an extensive Zapad military exercise, the troops of which began to be assembled in the direction of Belarus two months before the exercise.

For most according to experts, the troop transfers to Russia are similar to a nervous warfare and a show of strength as were the extraordinary military exercises of the spring. However, there is a difference.

“It was an exercise in the spring,” says a British military expert and former adviser to the Ukrainian armed forces. Glen Grant Deutsche Wellen in an interview with the Russian-language service.

Now, Russia is rather creating a “veil of uncertainty” around its tactical plans.

“Last time we tested Ukraine and looked for its weaknesses and tested our own logistics,” Grant says. “This time we haven’t seen any concrete action, and we don’t know if concentrating troops is part of a bigger plan or just some ordinary exercise.”

Belgian policy researcher Marc Franco in turn, in the same article considers Russia to act as a bulge of muscles and a nervous war.

“I don’t think Russia would start acting nonsensically and would start expanding the ongoing conflict,” Franco says.

“Rather, this is some kind of game.”

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