Ukraine Mayors of European capitals cheated on deep fake video calls, now Kremlin-awarded Russian comedy duo announce they are behind them

Several European mayors have recently been misled by deep fake videos imitating the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klychko.

At least three mayors of European capitals have recently been fooled into video calls in which they imagine they were speaking to the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klytškolle. In reality, it has been a deep fake video fake.

Deep fake videos refer to computer-modeled real-world looks video fakesin which the face of the person actually appearing in the video has been manipulated to look like another person.

It is known that at least the mayor of Berlin has recently fallen victim to Vale-Klychko. Franziska GiffeyMayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida and the Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig.

In addition to European mayors, the world-famous author has also been the target of fraud in June. JK Rowling, says The Washington Post.

Rowling believed he was speaking to the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with the Rowling Charitable Foundation in Ukraine.

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Klytško fakes a Russian comedy duo has now registered as the authors Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stoljarov, says including the German broadcaster RBB. They are known in Russia by their stage names Vovan and Lexus.

“I don’t want to reveal how we did it, but it was easy,” Stoljarov told ARD’s Kontraste program over the phone.

They say they plan to release videos of the calls with the mayors on Thursday.

For the time being, Stoljarov and Kuznetsov’s allegations cannot be confirmed from another source, as they did not provide the interviewed media with evidence, such as emails, by which the meetings were arranged.

Kuznetsov and Stoljarov’s deep fake calls have been made in the past by a number of well-known and influential figures, including the former President of the United States George W. Bush and singer-songwriter Elton John.

Kuznetsov and Stoljarov have refuted allegations that they would work for government agencies. True or not, at least the Russian state is not disturbed by their actions – on the contrary.

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In early June, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zaharova rewarded in the national internet content production competition of the duo. They received the grand prize in a special category called “The World Should Know”.

In recognition, they received a secure telephone from Zaharova, such as those used in state communications.

“Call, delight us and the world with new revelations. I believe in you. I look forward to your call, ”Zaharova said at the time, according to news agency Tassi.

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Correction 29.6. at 5:44 pm: It was previously written incorrectly in the story that ARD Kontraste would be a magazine. However, ARD is a TV channel and Kontraste is a TV program it broadcasts.

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