Ukraine In this way, various countries have supported Ukraine’s defense under the threat of Russia: a 90-ton supply of furniture from the USA, missiles from the Baltics, trainers from Britain

The United States has pumped billions to strengthen Ukraine’s armed forces. Aid pledges made by other countries in recent days are more modest, and Germany is reluctant to supply arms.

Ukraine is not a member of the military alliance NATO, so the country has no security guarantees if Russia decides to attack it. However, Ukraine has many partners who have sent weapons and other support to the country in the event of a possible war.

By far the largest donor has been the United States, which has reportedly provided Ukraine with $ 2.7 billion in armed aid since 2014, or about € 2.4 billion. At that time, Russia conquered the Crimean peninsula and started a war in eastern Ukraine.

The United States last decided in December on new aid worth about $ 200 million, including anti-tank missiles, lighter weapons, ammunition, and telecommunications equipment.

The U.S. embassy in Kiev says a cargo of nearly 200,000 pounds (90,000 kilograms) of “deadly aid” arrived in Ukraine on Friday night, including “ammunition for defenders of Ukraine’s front line”.

US aid has been significant for Ukraine as a whole. Ukraine’s defense spending in 2020 was about six billion dollarswhich was about four percent compared to GDP.

President of the United States Joe Biden however, stated in December that the United States did not intend to send one thing to Ukraine even if Russia attacked the country: soldiers.

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Ukraine has also received promises and concrete help from many other countries. There has been a touch of information about them in recent days, and for example The Washington Post has compiled the data.

Based on the information provided to the public, some of the pledges can be considered symbolic. However, Ukraine has thanked its supporters profusely.

For example, the British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace told the country’s parliament last Monday that Britain would supply Ukraine with light anti-tank weapons. Wallace also said Britain is sending a “small number” of military advisers in addition to the soldiers it has previously sent to train Ukrainians in the use of weapons.

He emphasized that the weapons offered by Britain were not strategic but exclusively for defense, told the Politico online magazine.

Also Canada has sent some troops to Ukraine since 2020 to provide training for Ukrainians. Canadian According to Global News a small number of special forces were sent to the country around 9 January, but according to the channel, their duties do not include the actual training of the forces.

Ukrinform news site reported on Friday that Poland has also said it is considering providing material assistance to Ukraine. According to the site, the issue has been discussed between the presidents of Poland and Ukraine.

The new Czech government is also considering helping Ukraine either by selling or donating arms to the country, said the Euractiv website on Thursday. Also The Netherlands has indicated readiness to provide arms support.

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The Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian defense ministers released on Friday joint opinionaccording to which the Baltic States have received permission from the United States to supply US – made weapons to assist Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers practicing the use of the Javelin anti-tank missile in a picture released last December.

According to the statement, Latvia and Lithuania are sending Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, while Estonia is promising Javelin anti-tank missiles.

Estonia also wanted to send 122-millimeter field cannons, which it bought from Finland in 2009. As Germany originally sold these Soviet-made cannons to Finland, Estonia needed the permission of Germany and Finland to supply the cannons.

Newspaper The Wall Street Journalin (WSJ) by Germany has denied Estonia permission to supply arms to Ukraine because it wants to avoid arms deliveries to militarily tense areas.

The WSJ quoted an unnamed spokesman for the Finnish government as saying that the permit requested by Estonia would be a mere formality from Finland’s point of view and would not relate to the current situation in Ukraine.

At the end of last year, Estonia had expressed a wish to Finland to export cannons to Ukraine. Director of Communications, Ministry of Defense Niina Hyrsky told the HS on Saturday that the export license was still being processed and that a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was needed to support the decision.

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German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht According to AFP news agency on Saturday, Germany plans to send a field hospital to Ukraine. However, according to him, there is a consensus in the German government that arms should not be supplied to Ukraine now.

“The supply of weapons is not helpful in this situation,” Lambrecht said.

Ukrainian troops in international military exercises in the Lviv region last September.

Many NATO members have reacted to the escalation of the situation in Ukraine in the framework of the military alliance. France, for example, has sent more troops to Romania and Spain has sent its warships to the Black Sea.

However, NATO is not preparing to fight alongside Ukraine against Russia. According to the analysis of the news agency Reuters, the military alliance would be on the sidelines if the warfare did not extend to the territories of its member states.

Western countries have threatened Russia with significant economic sanctions if it attacks Ukraine. They would be decided for Europe in the EU.

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