Ukraine In the future, those who have fled Ukraine will be allowed to work immediately after applying for temporary protection

The authorities decided to change the interpretation of the law in order to speed up the integration of Ukrainians into Finnish society.

From Ukraine The work of the fugitives in Finland will be easier. The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy have outlined that an applicant for temporary protection has the right to work as soon as he or she has submitted his or her application.

Thus, an applicant for protection does not have to wait for a residence permit to be issued in order to work, but a certificate of registration of the application is sufficient. The certificate will henceforth be issued by the police or border authority. If necessary, those who have previously applied for protection can apply for a certificate from the Finnish Immigration Service.

According to the Aliens Act, a person has the right to work in Finland if he or she has a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection. In the past, this has been interpreted as starting with the granting of a permit. Now the authorities have changed the interpretation of the law, which allows you to start working right away.

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Temporary protection is based on an EU directive that is now in use throughout the EU. It does not specify the starting point for protection rights, such as the right to work. The European Commission has clarified the interpretation of the Directive so that a person’s right to work begins when he or she submits his or her application for temporary protection and receives a certificate of registration.

According to the ministries, the goal in all activities is for those who have fled Ukraine to settle into the daily life, working life and services of our society as soon as possible.

The slow pace of obtaining a work permit in Finland has been criticized in public during the Ukrainian war. The ministries state in their press release that there are many open issues related to temporary protection, which have been resolved in close co-operation between the authorities. The practices are to be further refined and streamlined.

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