Ukraine Britain: Russia is trying to get the leader of its choice in Ukraine

The United States is deeply concerned about the situation. Russia denies the British allegations and calls them nonsense.

Britannian the Foreign Ministry accuses Russia of seeking a Kremlin-friendly leader in Ukraine. A new leader would be needed in a situation where Russia would invade Ukraine and occupy the country.

According to Britain, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament Jevhen Murajevia considered a potential candidate for Russia. The White House responded to the British Foreign Office’s accusation and said it was “deeply concerned” about the data.

“Ukrainians have the right to decide on their future and we are in support of democratically elected representatives in Ukraine,” a spokesman for the US National Security Council said. Emily Horne said.

Murayev lost his seat in the Ukrainian parliament when his party did not exceed the 5% voting threshold in the 2019 elections. Murayev owns a TV channel that Ukrainian authorities have tried to shut down because it is said to broadcast pro-Russian propaganda.

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Russia denies the British allegations and calls them nonsense.

“Disinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is yet another indication that Anglo-Saxon-led NATO countries are increasing tensions in Ukraine,” the Russian Foreign Office said. tweeted.

Britannian the Foreign Ministry named four other Ukrainian politicians with links to Russia’s intelligence service. Britain says some of the nominees have been in contact with Russian intelligence officers working on plans to attack Russia.

The other politicians nominated by Britain are Mykola Azarov, Serhi Arbuzov, Andri Kljujev and Volodymyr Sivkovitsh. Azarov is a former prime minister of Ukraine who served in Moscow alongside the former president Viktor Yanukovych during. Both fled Kiev to Russia in 2014 during the Ukrainian uprising.

Sivkovich is a former deputy director of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, who was sanctioned by the United States this week because he is said to have worked with Russia’s intelligence service.

Arbuzov and Klujev are former deputy prime ministers under Yanukovych. Klujev is also known as the Ukrainian oligarch.

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“These information sheds light on Russia’s actions to destabilize Ukraine and tells of Kremlin thinking, ”says British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said.

“Russia needs to end its disinformation campaign and return to the path of diplomacy,” Truss added.

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