Ukraine At least 15 died in a nursing home fire in Kharkov

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations, shutdown work is still ongoing.

At least 15 people have died in a fire in a nursing home in the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Ministry of Emergency Situations first reported the matter on its channel in the messaging service Telegramm and reported that the victims were 13. Among other things, the news site RBK Ukraine however, he said soon that there are at least 15 deaths.

Ministerial according to the fire broke out after three in the afternoon and fire extinguishers are still in place. The fire had destroyed an area of ​​about one hundred square meters in a two-story apartment building that had been converted into a nursing home.

At half past four in the afternoon, the bodies of fifteen victims had been found at the scene and five residents of the house had been transported to hospital.

Kharkov, with a population of 1.5 million, is the second largest city in Ukraine, which was taken over by the Ukrainian government when the war in eastern Ukraine broke out in 2014, despite a Russian-backed separatist insurgency.


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