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Two arrested for setting it on fire and trying to drown a neighbor in the Murcian district of Los Ramos

Civil Guard agents detain the two authors of a crime of attempted homicide in Murcia. / GC

When the aggressors thought that the victim had already died, she took the opportunity to remove the bag that had been placed on her head and flee to the Civil Guard barracks


Wednesday 21 July 2021, 12:20

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has developed an investigation to clarify
the repeated assault on a Murcia neighbor, apparently with the intention of taking her life. The actions of the Benemérita have been settled, in a few hours, with the identification, location and arrest of a man and a woman, who are attributed the alleged authorship of
crime of attempted murder.

The events occurred in a house in the Murcian district of Los Ramos, when, apparently,
the victim came to discuss a traffic complaint in which the attackers had identified her as a driver, in order not to lose her license points.

The victim stated in the complaint filed with the Civil Guard that he appeared at the home of the alleged perpetrators, that they opened the door and, without a word,
they doused it with a flammable liquid, possibly gasoline, and set it on fire.

The victim managed to put out the flames quickly, although
suffered numerous burns, moment that the aggressors took advantage of to
put a bag over her head and suffocate her until he lost consciousness, according to sources from the Benemérita in a statement.

In an oversight by the alleged murderers, possibly because he thought he had already passed away,
the victim took off the bag, fled the house and went to the Civil Guard barracks.

Already in official dependencies, the civil guards who assisted her requested medical assistance that transferred her to a hospital in the Murcian capital. While the victim was being treated, the civil guards, specialized in the Prevention of Citizen Security, initiated a quick and effective device in the town of Los Ramos with the purpose of
prevent the escape of suspects.

The operation consisted of establishing a discreet fence over the home where the events had occurred without being visible, leaving the streets surrounding the property under control, all while requesting an entry order from the judicial authority to arrest them.

The device paid off shortly thereafter, in the early hours of the morning, at which time the authors, under cover of night and not detecting a police presence, c
yesterday in the fence that the civil guards had established, being detained without giving them any option of escape as alleged perpetrators of the crime of attempted murder.

The detainees, along with the proceedings, were placed at the disposal of the Murcia Investigating Court, which ordered the woman’s imprisonment and a restraining order from the victim for the man.


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