TV sports Surprise transfer: Sami Jauhojärvi and Jussi Eskola leave Yle and move on to a competitor’s ski broadcasts

On Tuesday, Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) announced the washing of Via, a duo familiar from Yle’s ski broadcasts. From next season, you can watch skiing in Finland on the paid Elisa Viihde Viaplay service and on paid V sport channels.

Cross-country skiing friends will continue to have the opportunity to enjoy the Olympic champion in the years to come Sami Jauhojärven performing as a popular TV expert and media personality, but the arena is changing.

Jauhojärvi moves from Yle to Viaplay’s skiing expert and gets a familiar pair of poles, a respected commentator from Yle Jussi Eskolan.

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) announced today Tuesday the washing of the duo for Viaplay.

Transfer the background is that, with the exception of biathlon, the media rights to the international top events for all types of skiing will be transferred to the NENT Group from next autumn for the next five years.

In Finland, you can watch skiing on the paid Elisa Viihde Viaplay service and on V sport channels.

NENT Group’s five-year agreement covers extensive rights to the World Cup of Skiing and also includes the World Ski Championships 2023 and 2025 and the Finnish Cup.

“We come in the future to inform more about Viaplay’s ski broadcasts and agents. As the agreements with this duo show, we want to serve this product with high quality and made by top experts, ”NENT Group Finland’s Sports Manager Ville Klinga says in a company release.

Jauhojärvi worked as Yle’s ski expert for four seasons after ending his top career after the Lahti World Championships in 2017.

In the press release, Jauhojärvi points out that it is important for him to continue working with Eskola.

“It’s great to be able to continue commenting on cross-country skiing, especially when it gets to be done in the future as a radar pair with Jussi. Skiing is the only endurance sport that regularly receives medals in Finland, so it should explain the people’s love for the sport. Skiing is also common, which makes it easy for spectators to identify with the demands of the sport, ”says Jauhojärvi.

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