Turkey Wildfire firefighting continues in Turkey, six dead and more than 300 injured

More than 300 people have been injured in the wildfires.

In Turkey the extinction of large wildfires continued on Saturday for the fourth day, the state news agency Anadolu reported.

Six people have died so far in the wildfires that erupted in southern Turkey on Wednesday. The number of victims rose on Saturday when the bodies of two workers who put out the fires were found.

Wildfires more than 300 people have been injured as a result. Villages and hotels have had to be evacuated from fires.

Since Wednesday, 88 fires have been brought under control and ten fires continue, said the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli On Twitter.

According to the state news agency, another fire broke out in the tourist city of Bodrum on Saturday. According to the news agency Reuters, the fire had to be evacuated due to the fire.

According to satellite images, the smoke from the raging fires in the regions of Antalya and Mersin spread as far as Greece to Cyprus, ie about 150 kilometers away.

Turkey presidential Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was told to thank Russia by phone Vladimir Putinia aircraft and helicopters sent for assistance.

Erdogan has been criticized in his home country after it became clear that Turkey does not have fire-fighting aircraft, even though about a third of its surface area is forest, and wildfires are a growing problem in the country.

Turkey According to forecasts from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, heat waves are expected for the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas. As a result of the heat, the temperature in the Antalya area could rise to 43-47 degrees next week.

Wildfires are common in Turkey, but authorities say the area of ​​the burning terrain is now larger than in previous years.



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