Trump’s indictment will be sent to the Senate on Monday

Chuck Schumer, Leader of the Democrats in the US Senate

The leader of the Democrats in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, announced today, Friday, that the indictment against former President Donald Trump will be referred to the Senate on Monday.
Schumer said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “informed me that the indictment will be referred to the Senate on Monday.”
“The House of Representatives will raise the accountability clause to the Senate,” Schumer added to the Senate. The Senate will hold the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. It will be a full trial. It will be a fair trial ยป.
The House of Representatives had charged the former president with “incitement to revolt” after his supporters stormed the Congress building on January 6, while the Senate members and representatives were gathered to confirm Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 presidential elections at Trump’s expense.
Schumer said he discussed with Republican leader Mitch McConnell the “schedule and duration” of the sessions. “There will be a trial in the Senate in the United States and a vote on whether the president is guilty,” he added.
Behind him on the podium, Mitch McConnell laments the speed. “The indictment in the House of Representatives was faster than ever, and the next stage cannot be an insufficient trial in the Senate,” he said.
“We need a full and fair trial in which the former president will be able to defend himself and the Senate to consider all factual, legal and constitutional issues,” he said, suggesting to wait until mid-February to start discussions.
With Trump indicted by lawmakers, the Senate must now stand trial.

Source: Agencies


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