Trotting Suven Sametti and Evartti were crowned crab kings in Seinäjoki

Evartti won the kingdom for the second time in a row.


Finland got a new trotting queen in Seinäjoki, only 6-year-old Suven Samet. The kingdom was won for the second time in a row by 10-year-old Evartti.

Finnish horse trotters are usually only closer at the age of ten at their best. At the age of 6, they rarely venture into the main races of the royal races and even rarely win them.

“Suven Velvet did well at the age of 5 in mare rides and raised money well. Parvelan Retu, among others, would have faced the hard age group’s 6-year-olds this year, so it was decided to aim for the queen in the winter already, ”co-owner-coach Tapio Perttunen justified.

Young despite his age, Suven Sametti performed surprisingly steadily and confidently in the demanding race and ran in 2nd, 3rd and 2nd place, although the starting points were challenging on the opening trips.

“It had to go the last 700 meters along the third or at least the second track at every start. The final trip worried me a little, when after a mile the mare blew pretty much, but I wanted to give it a chance and I wouldn’t drive in, ”Perttunen said.

He owns Suven Velvet together Pekka Kairtamon and Nea Vikström with.

Sunday the heroine was Liisa’s Firebird, who won both races, and her grip on the wreath flickered on Saturday’s opening trip. It bent from the bow far from the tip.

“It has a loose larynx that apparently closed and the mare couldn’t breathe. Oxygen simply ran out. Today, a headless obersek was run, and the horse was able to correct the position of the head if necessary. In the future, the fault can be corrected with a small laser surgery, ”the coach Harri Kotilainen designed by.

Evartin the second consecutive kingdom was a real ashtray story, as it fell into the belly and its coach in February Antti Ojanperä in July for heart surgery. Both have recovered faster than expected.

“Evart’s rehabilitation couldn’t quite follow the basic guideline, as it didn’t start eating and drinking and defecating until it got the movement. Controlled water treadmill and veterinarians consulting of course first, but movement nonetheless. As a result, the condition could not drop significantly, ”Ojanperä said.

“My own well-being has improved a lot in the last week and a half, and I don’t need much painkillers anymore. Isn’t that what we want again? ”

During Ojanperä’s sick leave, a great responsibility for Evart’s coaching was taken over by his own instructor in addition to his own supervisor’s work. Santtu Raitala.

“Evartti is a humble horse and does what one wants, but now it has been allowed to do what it has wanted. The loops have been made so long that it’s good to have time for the trotting, ”Raitala laughed.

5-year-olds In the little town, the game got exciting when favorite Ville Kalle collapsed from the start to the field.

Huisi Hemmo, who led almost evenly, reached the finish line, Ville Kalle, who fixed his gallop strongly, and Kinderi, who followed him closely. The goal camera said the winner was Ville Kallen, who is being coached by Lapua Jouko Paavola and directed Ari Moilanen.



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