Trotting Iivo Niskanen was left behind in his first race start: “It’s not like a sandy face”

Niskanen directed EV Eskon 11th. There were 13 horses leaving.

Olympic winner and world champion Iivo Niskanen is used to coming to the finish line as a winner on cross – country trails, but the situation on the race track is different, at least for now.

Niskanen started his career as a trotting instructor in Vieremä’s Midsummer raves, remaining in the back with the warm-blooded trotter EV Esko. However, the experience was positive.

“It was exciting, it was nice to direct. It went well and we survived without accidents, ”Niskanen said in an interview with Vieremä, according to a press release from Hippos Finland.

“It’s not like a sandy face.”

I am leaving won by EV Esko teammate Episode Nine. Niskanen and EV Esko finished 11th in the end. There were 13 horses in the start.

“Yes, going in a tight package will get you going. It is not very easy to get to such driving situations with a card course, ”Niskanen said.

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His career as a director will continue in mid-July in Mikkeli with the St Michel trotters.

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