Trotting Hannu-Pekka Korpi stopped raving as a teenager as soon as it was possible – now he is challenging his famous father


Father and son, Magical Princess and Ava Di Emelin.

There Pekka Korven the family’s strong contribution to the Great Finnish Derby on Saturday at the Vermo racecourse.

Pekka Korpi is aiming for his second consecutive and total fifth prize in the Derby final, which is the main race of the season for four-year-old warm-blooded greyhounds born in Finland and the biggest breeder’s prize. The winner will be awarded € 120,000.

Korve’s statistics in the derby are amazing: as a coach he has been involved with 53 horses and as a coach 34 times.

The raven leaves the third track on the Vermo hoof groove with the Magical Princess mare. In its short racing career, it has already run more than 218,000 euros in prize money.

Next to it Korpi gets his son to the fourth track Hannu-Pekka Korven coached by Ava Di Emelin. In Derby, the horse is guided Hannu Torvinen, when Hannu-Pekka Korpi is excited about the game.

Ava Di Emelin is a familiar horse to Pekka Korvi, as it trains and grazes in the same place in Vihti as the other horses in Korven’s Star-Racing stable.

“I am happy if Pekka succeeds and equally he is definitely happy if I succeed. Some small jokes can sometimes be thrown, but we do not compete against each other with our teeth, ”says Hannu-Pekka Korpi.

Hannu-Pekka Korpi brings Ava Di Emilia out for a walk.

Father and son Korve has a victory in Derby to defend. A year ago, Derby’s overwhelming victory was crushed by the boob horse Mascate Match, which belonged to the Raviliiga HIFK’s owner team, but was being coached in Korvi’s stable.

The career of “Mass” ended last autumn with an injury in Sweden. Now it is breeding and carrying its first foal.

As trotting coach, Hannu-Pekka Korve also has a victory in 2015, when Pekka’s father directed the victory at Fabrice Doo. In addition to Pekka Korvi, the owner of Fabrice Duo was an entertainment artist Vesa-Matti Loiri and a long-line musician, bassist of the 1960s pop band Jormas Christer Bergholm.

The Fabrice Duo was later sold for breeding in France.

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In addition to Derby, Korpi’s two teams have a good representation on Saturday in the Finnish Championship: Run For Roaylty (directed by Santtu Raitala), American Hero (Pekka Korpi) and Hotshot Luca (Hannu Torvinen).

The main prize of the Finnish championship race is 30,000 euros.

Champions on stage: Vesa-Matti Loiri congratulates Pekka Korpea on winning the Derby at Fabrice Duo in 2015.

In his youth Hannu-Pekka Korpi did not warm up. As a high school student, he never went to stables and couldn’t even imagine following in his father’s footsteps in horse racing.

“When I was in elementary school, I went with my father to the raves, but then when I was no longer forced, the raves were allowed to stay. Dad didn’t put any pressure. I seem to be more worried about my schooling. By the way, I have always followed sports, ”he says.

At the Vihti horse farm in Huhmar, the family had a Urkki pony for a long time, which was Hannu-Pekka Korvi’s pet. After high school and the military, the horses began to re-interest the family’s older son.

Younger boy Janne Korpi has represented Finland in the Olympic snowboarding and is currently responsible for his father’s catering activities in Sweden.

“A small spark in the horses had been preserved when there were always horses around. I came to work for Pekka and it had to be only a short time, but now it’s been twenty years, ”says Hannu-Pekka Korpi with a laugh.

In February, he set up his own stable of a few horses next to his father’s stable. There are now eleven trainees in the stable, one of whom is his own.

“At first, the moods were uncertain. Now, however, I am pleased with the way my own company has started. ”

For the winter Until then, Hannu-Pekka Korpi worked in his father’s stable. Now he works in his father’s stable area for rent, but as a self-employed person.

“Hannu-Pekka keeps the training track in good condition and is on his own. I will then lend you other equipment or whatever is needed. Both take care of their own stables, ”says Pekka Korpi, who has other horses owned by others and“ thirty ”of his own horses in his own stable.

A father and son smile when asked how much they advise or help each other in horse training?

“We don’t talk terribly about coaching. Sure, you’re interested in how top men train horses. It is difficult to copy anyone in this field. Learning is not found on the school bench, but largely through experience. Pekka has it, even though he is still learning something new, ”says Hannu-Pekka.

He also follows the field from a vantage point on the board of the Vermo Racecourse.

Hannu-Pekka and Pekka Korpi (right) train horses in the same stable area in Vihti. Equipment such as racing carts are available to both.

In the same in the starts, Pekka and Hannu-Pekka Korpi rarely run against each other. On Thursday, the father and son were at the second start of the Lahti trotting. Hannu-Pekka Korpi directed Ava Di Alessia to victory, Pekka Korpi brought Arctic Celina third.

“It’s small, whichever is better. And it always depends on the horse, ”says Pekka Korpi.

In his career, Pekka Korpi has directed 27,483 departures and driven almost 21 million euros in prize money. In the statistics, Hannu-Pekka Korve has 2,079 departures and EUR 1.4 million in prize money.

Even if the 39-year-old Hannu-Pekka Korpi would drive 300 starts every year for the next 33 years, he would not get anywhere near the readings of his 71-year-old father.

The start of his own coaching staff has reduced Hannu-Pekka Korvi’s own coaching work.

“I drive every now and then, like on Thursday in Lahti.”

52nd time In the Great Finnish Derby, the main prize will be won by twelve horses and Finland’s top drivers in wheelchairs. Driving in Sweden Jorma Kontio is already aiming for its tenth victory.

Based on preliminary estimates and the earnings list, participants will run in two series, but in one race.

An-Dorra, Magical Princess, Consalvo and Sahara Jaeburn are struggling for the main pot, the others for the residual money.

“That’s how it goes. I’m really embarrassed if someone goes to victory outside of those four. The money list is comparable, and it says a lot about the level of horses, ”says Hannu-Pekka Korpi.

“Today’s horses are easy and they know how to trot the opposite of before. Breeding has come a long way, but it does not eliminate the fact that surprises do not always happen in sports, ”says Pekka Korpi.

The Great Finnish Derby (start 12) on Saturday at the Vermon Racecourse at 5:40 p.m. The Finnish championship race (start 10) starts at 16.47.

Great Finnish Derby 2021

  1. It’s Raining Men, director Santtu Raitala, winnings 21,920 euros.

  2. An-Dorra, Jarmo Saarela, 303 450.

  3. Magical Princess, Pekka Korpi, 218 393.

  4. Ava Di Emelin, Hannu Torvinen, 50 308.

  5. Consalvo, Ari Moilanen, 153 401.

  6. Sahara Jaeburn, Jorma Kontio, 153 401.

  7. Yolo Savoy, Tommi Kylliäinen, 30,940.

  8. Love Eagle, Antti Teivainen, 25 895.

  9. Making Match, Olli Koivunen, 29,700.

  10. Quite A Lover, Jukka Torvinen, 75,500.

  11. Star Town Kemp, Iikka Nurmonen, 45 550.

  12. Mask Off, Tapio Perttunen, 50 300.

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