Trotting Evartti and Hetviina started Kuninkuusravit the strongest

The expected winners were obtained for the opening races of the Kings.


Kingfisher The expected winners Evartti and Hetviina in Seinäjoki for the opening trips.

The royal raven is run in Seinäjoki for the second time in a row. Last year, they had to be organized due to the corona with strict audience restrictions. Now there are no restrictions.

A year ago, Evartti was crowned king of trotting. Its background forces in life have happened so much since that director Santtu Raitalan the joy of winning this year’s opening trip erupted at the finish line for wild ventilation. Coach Antti Ojanperä moved to the brink of tears in ceremonies.

Evartti underwent abdominal surgery in February after the small intestine froze. The condition was life-threatening, and at least the racing career was feared to be over. However, the horse survived the surgery and recovered surprisingly quickly to a competitive condition.

On July 1, coach Antti Ojanperä had a serious horse accident in which he suffered fractures. In those examinations, he was found to have a congenital, life-threatening heart defect that required immediate surgery. The great recovery is indicated by the fact that Ojanperä was witnessing the victory of Evart’s opening trip on the spot in Seinäjoki.

“After all the difficulties, it was an incomprehensible feeling to cross the finish line first in the race, which has been the only goal of the year,” Santtu Raitala sighed at the finish.

Before many of the race were worried about whether Evartti could withstand a tough three-way race with this preparation. There is no instructor, and no coach.

“The muscles didn’t go anywhere, and for a long time it has been possible to train the horse as desired. Only this weekend has been targeted, ”Ojanperä emphasized.

In the overall race, everything was deliciously open. Leading HV Tuuri lost only two to the winner and Vixeli, who ran alongside him, lost five tenths. More than a second from the top three, Välkyn Tuisku and Lissu’s Eerikkik did not follow.

Checkers favorite Hetviina won two opening trips a year ago, but bent on the third. The race started with a win again, although the run went hard. The victorious letter had to start exactly from last place.

“It’s a mystery how the mare’s game will last this year, but it was really good now as it was on the opening trips even then. And it may have gone further than last year based on how it went after the gallop in Greater Hollola, for example, ” Antti Tupamäki pondered.

Suven Sametti and Lakan Leija, who provided traction in Kiri, lost to the winner by half a second and Ciira’s Star, Vennelmon Varma and Taksvenla by less than a second.

In Orivetelinen Petri Laineella has in his stable two great hopes for the future of the kingship. Parvelan Retu celebrated on Friday in Pohjola’s 6-year-old trophy and its 4-year-old cousin Siirin Valtsu on Saturday in Little Prince. Both accounts accrued EUR 15,000.

The Royal Horse Saturday was opened by the Finnish Horse Monté, or Finnish Horse Riding Championship. It won Kari Mahlamäen coached and owned by his family, Layla, who rode Seija Myllyharju.



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