Trotting Directed by ex-snowboarder Janne Korvi, Bee Combo won the main start of Vermo

The church battle decided the Spring Favorite start.

As a snowboarder won the Youth World Championships and won two World Championship bronzes as an adult Janne Korpi demonstrated his skills in horseback racing in Vermo on Wednesday as he directed the Bee Combo Derby Spring Favorite start to victory.

Derby’s Spring Favorite became a church struggle as, after a brisk acceleration, the pace of the four-year-old crowd leveled off in the eyes. On the finish line, Bee Combo, led by Korvi, ran hard and finally won by a clear margin.

In a winning interview, Korpi regretted Bee Combo’s failure last fall in the 3-year main event, but turned his attention to the No. 1 race of the season.

“Even the Criterion is in a tooth cavity when the horse was in good spirits but galloped 800 meters to the finish in its own time. Last season was aimed at the Criterion, but now there is more racing in what is available for four-year-olds, and Derby is the main target. ”

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Markku Nieminen coached by Willow Pride began his second week in the bronze spot. The 8-year-old, one of Finland’s top mares, was already very positive at the time, despite the third place, and now it started the trip as a big favorite at the Tammatähti start.

Ari Moilasen directed by Willow Pride, he immediately loaded the car from the back to the top spot, from where the mare came off in a 1.10.5-speed finish to a style-leading number one.

Willow Pride has won 32 times in his career. The mare, raised and owned by IMT-Talli Oy, has already earned EUR 467,713 in prize money. Willow Pride’s career will culminate this season.

“This year is still racing, and then I understand the mare is going to mate,” Willow Pride’s caretaker Noora Tuula reveal.

In the interior series, a whip Pertti Hakkarainen coached by Panthera tiredly wins. Ray Boy, Let Her Go and No Limit Royalty also won the Toto65 races. With a full match, EUR 313.04 was redeemed, with five correctly receiving EUR 7.18.

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