Triathlon | The mother of two Nuppu Hepo-ditch pulled three full-length triathlons at once and slept only a couple of eyes in between.

In Colmar, France, came the overwhelming victory in the women’s series, and plenty of good opinion.

Women the overwhelming victory in the series and also the sixth in the men’s series. Button Hepo ditch pulled three consecutive triathlon competitions in Colmar, France, in the wine-growing regions of Alsace from last Thursday to Saturday.

Colmar’s race trips were parkable. Swimming 11.4 miles. cycling 540 kilometers and finally 126.6 kilometers of running.

The Hepo ditch spent 49 hours, 54 minutes and 57 seconds doing all this. More than two days with virtually no sleep.

“I knew in advance that there was no fun trip,” Hepo-oja told HS on Monday shortly after returning home and to Finland.

Triplatriathlon belongs to the series in which the number of those who leave the line is pruned correctly on the contract. There are massive enthusiasts for the triathlon in every corner of the world, but for the triple trip there are very few, but even more enthusiastic.

The Pretzel Ultra Triathlon held in Colmar had 12 participants, of whom Hepo-ditch gloriously maintained Finland’s reputation.

The idea was that each species was made at once. At first we swam as in a normal triathlon, but the distance tripled. Then quickly change the back of the bike and drive a similar trip from Helsinki to Oulu. Finally, we just run, as Hepo-ditch put it.

“It was pretty technical, a rural track. There were tractors, storks and no street lights at all. ”

Hepo-ditch made such a long race for the first time and said he went through experiments. On the first night, he rested for about 20 minutes, hoping to sleep for even a moment. He’s not quite sure.

The other night, he rested on a mattress for a couple of minutes when he had to “reset his brain”.

“I’m not terribly good at supervising. If it’s dark and night, the body says it should be asleep. ”

In the swimming section, Hepo-ditch was a great success. Cycling is reportedly supposed to be developed, but he ran the 25 marathon experience.

Hepo-ditch said it was pretty awful at times, but he was still able to continue.

“You can apply to see if you go across the border when it’s hell uncomfortable,” Hepo-ditch said and said he enjoys finding his limits.

Hepo-ditch used a wrist heart rate monitor in the race and looked at it at HS ‘s request how many calories the contract took.

Swimming consumed 2,500 calories, cycling about 10,100 and running eventually 9,777. The total number of calories burned was about 22,400.

“But I’m not pretty small. For some big men, consumption can be much bigger. ”

The Hepo ditch is 162 centimeters and about 52 kilos.

The victory in the women’s series brought Hepo Ditch 800 euros, a glass prize, a trophy, pasta and local wines. “And plagued the good mood.”

In civilian The Hepo ditch has time for many. She is the wife of two teenagers who work at HSY on an eu project and as an occupational safety commissioner.

In addition, an MBA degree from the University of Jyväskylä is being worked on.

“And I’m also a dog owner and cottage.”

Building a triple triathlon condition on weekdays requires about ten hours of training a week. During the race, he drove a 200-kilometer preparatory run in the cottage scenery. Then everything was ready for a two-day race that someone could even consider an adventure.

“This isn’t exactly every man’s species.”



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