Triathlon | Henrik Goesch made Finnish triathlon history: he fell below the ghost limit in his first Ironman competition

Goesch redeemed his place in the prestigious Hawaiian Ironman in third place in Copenhagen.

Turku Sports Federation Henrik Goesch has been the first Finn to fall below the eight – hour ghost limit in the full distance triathlon in Copenhagen.

What makes Tempus especially wild is that it was Goesch’s first full-distance race.

In the Ironman race, you swim 3.8 kilometers, cycle 180 kilometers and run a marathon, or 42.195 kilometers.

From Goesch, the contract took seven hours, 52 minutes and 10 seconds. No official records are registered in the triathlon due to different routes, but the unofficial Finnish record was MP Pauli Kiurun Made 30 years ago 8: 04.54.

Goesch’s coach Mika Luoto said he followed the race through video and precise intervals.

“Quite an incredible bet. This was Henkka’s first full trip. There aren’t many who at first pull in less than eight hours. Probably a few can be found, but no one comes to mind, ”Luoto commented to HS.

Goesch finished third in Copenhagen, losing to the winner of Australia Cameron Wurfille just over six minutes. The other was Canadian Lionel Sanders.

Both have been part of the world’s elite on a full journey for years.

However, third place brought Goesch a place in the most prestigious event of its kind in the Hawaii Ironman race.

The Wurf had secured their place in the past, so the next two of the race redeemed their tickets to the event postponed to February.

“Henkka said cautiously before the race that the goal was a place in Hawaii.”

I create according to Goesch, he did not seem to have any problems in the race but was able to keep the pace steady from start to finish.

It took time to swim at 46.18, Goesch enjoyed the back of the bike at 4:15:10, after which the marathon folded to a great time of 2:46.12.

“Henkka was able to raise his ranking during the marathon. In the mid-run he was sixth, and the gap to the top was seven minutes. He snapped three guys in the next ten, and didn’t need to squirm at the end. ”

Luoto estimates that more top performances can be expected from Goesch.

“A really small difference to the top two proves that Henrik is ready to challenge the world’s tops in the full-range triathlon even as early as February in Hawaii.”



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