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Dubai (Etihad)
The Trends Center for Research and Consultation is participating in the Riyadh International Book Fair 2021, which will be held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, from October 1 and will last for 10 days in the “Riyadh Front”, with a distinguished set of scientific publications that include books and series Scientific, which covers political, economic and security fields as well as political Islam movements.
Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of the Trends Center, said that the participation in the Riyadh International Book Fair comes within the framework of the keenness to actively participate in Arab and international cultural forums, embodying his vision and new slogan “From Foresight to the Future to Participation in Making It” and a belief in the importance of this quality. One of the cultural events in disseminating knowledge and promoting dialogue and rapprochement between peoples, especially that the Riyadh Book Fair this year includes the most important publishing houses from different countries of the world and witnesses a variety of activities, representing 16 cultural sectors that attract thinkers, researchers and academics, and the fair is a cultural event and an important knowledge window in Book and publishing industry.

  • Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali
    Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali

Al-Ali explained that the list of publications that will be included in the Trends Center for Research and Consultation pavilion at the exhibition, is characterized by diversity and richness, and covers a range of issues that capture the attention of the Arab and international community, such as: issues of political Islam, sustainable development, tolerance and coexistence, and transformations in the international system in light of a pandemic. “Covid-19”.
He pointed out that the various publications of the Trends Center have become a reliable reference for researchers, scholars and academics in the region and the world, because they adopt the rules and solid foundations that characterize scientific research, which are recognized internationally.
He added that the participation of the “Trends” center in the exhibition coincides with other participations of “Trends” in international exhibitions as well, including the “Expo Dubai”, which is the most prominent event in the world, and the Frankfurt International Book Fair, in the context of keenness to attend in important forums, because of his belief The importance of culture and knowledge in spreading the values ​​of goodness, tolerance and peace and exposing deviant ideas.
The Center’s publications participating in the Riyadh Book Fair include a series of the latest scientific publications, including the book “The Muslim Brotherhood.. Circumstances of Origin and Establishment”, “The Book of the Organizational Structure of the Muslim Brotherhood: Characteristics.. Objectives.. the Future,” and the book “The Special System of the Group.” The Muslim Brotherhood: Origins… Objectives … Evolution”, and the presented versions of these books will be in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese, the book “The Economic Structure of the Muslim Brotherhood: Networks of Money, Business and Finance”, the book “The Role of the European Union in the Post-Covid-19 World” and the book “The World of Post-Covid-19: The Limits of Potential Change in the Global Order,” and a number of English-language publications, in addition to the translated book “Closed Circle: Joining and Dissenting from the Muslim Brotherhood in Western Countries,” written by Lorenzo Vidino, Director of the Extremism Studies Program at George Washington University. These publications also include books that monitor the transformations that the world has witnessed in light of the “Covid-19” pandemic.


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