Trees | Trees are being felled in Vallila to make way for the new trolley line

Trees are being felled in the area of ​​Vallilanlaakso to make way for the new trolley line.

For the newspace will be cleared for the tram route from Kalasatama to Pasila on Mäkelänkatu and on the Vallilanraitio that runs through the Vallilanlaakso park area.

The felling of trees at the intersection of Mäkelänkatu and Radanrakentajantie is mainly carried out at night so that the work does not disturb traffic. At Vallilanraitio, tree felling is done on weekdays during office hours.

The tree felling lasts about a week. Other jobs, such as chopping branches and twigs, take longer.

Those who are preparing in the first phase of the work, trees will be felled only to the extent required for the construction of the tramway.

The felled trees are saved and utilized in the project area, among other things, as rotting logs.

In the final phase of construction, plenty of new trees will be planted in the Vallilanlaakso, says the Pasila to Kalasatamaan project in its release.

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