Traveling Queues of several kilometers on the Finnish-Norwegian border – “A travel partner has already raised a bottle of wine, and is probably not the only one,” says the motorist

Finns’ travel to Norway became easier on Monday. The liberalization of border traffic caused kilometers of congestion in Kilpisjärvi.

Finland and queues of several kilometers have accumulated at the Norwegian border, according to the Norwegian news agency NTB. According to the news, long queues have been reported on both sides of the border.

According to Norwegian police, tourists now have to wait several hours at the border. Police also said they are trying to help the flow of goods at the border as much as possible.

Kokkola resident Janne Kulju says he queued at the border crossing until 11 p.m. At half-past four in the afternoon, the distance to the border crossing point was about two hundred meters.

“The queue advances about twenty meters an hour as the cars reach the border in groups of four cars. One or two groups can get through in an hour. The pace has even slowed from what it was earlier in the day. ”

From time to time, truck queues have passed the passenger car queue. Authorities have been asking queuing motorists whether they are fully vaccinated, which would speed up border crossings.

“The truck drivers apparently get straight across the border because they have papers in order for a fresh test or two vaccines.”

According to Janne Kulju, the car queue had a pretty good atmosphere, despite the long queuing time.

For a long time Despite the queue, tourists seem satisfied, Kulju says.

“People have pulled camping chairs into the yard, reading a book and taking photos. This is a great place to queue. There are great scenery here when you can see snow peaks and the weather is the best. ”

Kulju is in traffic with his wife, who has previously lived in southern Norway. The journey to the northern part of the country is the first for the wife. Kulju himself visited Northern Norway last summer.

The couple plans were to go camping in Skibotni and return to Finland on Wednesday. They were not the only ones traveling to Norway with tents.

“We came to Kilpisjärvi camp center yesterday at seven o’clock and all the tent sites were full.”

The driver, who updates the situation from the driver’s place, is not annoyed, even though the travel plans changed due to getting stuck at the border.

“We only have time. My travel companion next door has already raised a bottle of wine and is enjoying himself, and is probably not the only one. If we were on the move with the kids, queuing would be really different. This time the children stayed with their grandmother. ”

The car line meandered through lush landscapes.

Norway on Monday waived the quarantine requirement for passengers arriving from the hospital districts of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Päijät-Häme and Pirkanmaa. Only those arriving from the Kainuu Hospital District must be quarantined upon arrival in the country.

Released from quarantine if the corona test taken on the seventh day of arrival is negative. First-time vaccine recipients and minors may be released from quarantine more quickly.

Norway has a travel model in which those from high-interest areas have to be quarantined for ten days. Those who have received a full series of vaccinations and are infected with the coronavirus within six months avoid quarantine.

Norway updates weekly badger, where the incidence of interest in different countries is indicated in green, yellow and red. On the map, Sweden and Finland are marked with the precision of the provinces.



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