Traveling HS asked people at Kasarmitori about the people’s travel plans, and they replied: many trips will not be made, even if they already feel like going abroad.

Many times canceled trips gnaw at the desire to make travel plans.

For the trip would already make up the mind, but still many are still waiting for better times.

This became apparent when HS asked Finns about their travel intentions on a hot Friday afternoon at Kasarmitori.

The people of Helsinki Helena Savander-Lehtinen and Jarmo Lehtinen calculate that they have canceled trips five times. It is also not entirely certain whether they will be able to leave near Naples in the autumn for a couple of weeks, as was intended. In the summer they plan to be in Finland.

Jarmo Lehtinen and Helena Savander-Lehtinen are not sure if they will be able to make their planned autumn trip to Naples, Italy.

“Even now, we should be in Greece if the original plan should have been,” Lehtinen says.

The cancellations have not bothered them much, as they did not come as a surprise, but were well seen in advance.

“Let’s see in the fall what the situation is then. If it goes to the fact that there must be masks on and all the bans are on, then it will probably be canceled again, ”says Savander-Lehtinen.

They also don’t enjoy traveling if it involves expensive corona tests before and after the trip. Therefore, tourism can wait a while longer, especially when there are already good signs of a return to normal.

“Then we only go when we get there properly. In Italy, however, the disease numbers have fallen quite well, and vaccinations are progressing, ”Savander-Lehtinen continues.

You can read in this story what things to consider, when traveling to Finland’s favorite destination countries.

The people of Tuusula Pauliina and Jani Vilpas so far do not travel abroad or even plan to do so.

Jani and Pauliina Vilpas already knew in the winter that they would not travel yet this summer. Fall might be.

“We haven’t planned anything. It became clear from the beginning of the year that we were not going anywhere in the summer. It is too unclear whether that would happen. In addition, I think about my own and my loved ones’ corona safety, ”says Pauliina Vilpas.

He sees a more realistic possibility of having a long weekend in a European city in the autumn, for example, as long as it is a corona-safe destination.

“If it were normal time, we would go. We have gone somewhere abroad every summer. Then when you can travel without tests, the threshold drops significantly, ”says Jani Vilpas.

“I haven’t even made up my mind to plan trips when I don’t want the disease for myself or someone at work, for example,” says Pauliina Vilpas.

“But we are moving in the right direction. Hopefully other countries will soon reach the same level as Finland, so that travel would be safe, ”says Jani Vilpas.

Helsinki Jukka Keski-Pukkila is vacationing this summer with cottages in Åland and Kuusamo. For the time being, the wine regions of Central Europe will have to wait.

“Usually we’ve been to Italy or France, for example, now we’re not going,” he says.

He will receive his second vaccine at the end of June, so the road itself would be at least half open.

“It’s not really fun to go further, traveling is too hard yet. We came to the conclusion that next summer we will go. ”

Last summer, we were still learning to live in corona reality. Now it’s different, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

“Last summer, it was not yet known what this situation would be and what it would be like next summer. Now we have the experience. Of course, next summer we will leave for Provence or Tuscany. ”



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