Traveling Commuter traffic to Finland opens from the EU and Schengen area, and vaccinated tourists also enter the country

Estonia, especially with the Prime Minister, had time to hope for a long time that Finland would ease its restrictions.

Commuting Finland from other EU and Schengen countries will be allowed from today. The decision applies to all modes of transport, ie also land and sea transport, when a similar policy was previously in force for air transport.

Estonia, in particular, had long to hope that Finland would ease its restrictions. The Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas among other things, appealed to Helsingin Sanomat in his guest pen writing directly to the Prime Minister To Sanna Marini (sd) that Estonian families who had been separated for more than four months would be able to meet each other again.

Border crossing conditions for leisure tourism are also changing. A tourist from the EU and the Schengen area can enter the country if he or she has a certificate of an approved coronary vaccination series or a coronary heart disease.

The vaccination series should have been obtained at least two weeks in advance. The disease must have been contracted during the previous six months.

This group also includes those who have had coronary heart disease and received one dose of vaccine at least a week earlier.

State Department further recommends that special care be taken when traveling to the EU and Schengen areas and to avoid traveling outside the area.

The exceptions are Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, for example, for which entry restrictions have been lifted. According to the ministry, all travel from Finland to Brazil, South Africa and India should be avoided.

However, a Finnish citizen and a person living in Finland always have the right to return to Finland.



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