Travel rules Sanna Marin would like all passengers to be tested, but the law does not allow: “We may not get as simple a model as I would like myself”

Marin would also like coronavirus tests for those coming from so-called green countries.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd) would like to see every passenger coming to Finland tested for coronavirus.

In Marini’s wish model, those who would be tested would also include passengers who come from so-called green countries, which, under current legislation, can come without testing or quarantine.

Marin says he would like a very simple model, but that’s hard to do because of the current laws.

“Finnish legislation is based on the premise that restrictions must be necessary. Therefore, we need to look at, for example, disease incidence rates and use them to justify the need for action. That is why we do not necessarily come up with a model as simple as I would like, for example, ”says Marin.

HS will release Marin’s more extensive interview tomorrow, Sunday.

Government is currently collecting opinions on a temporary amendment to the Communicable Diseases Actconcerning testing at airports. It has been forwarded as work done by officials. The governing parties have not yet reached a consensus on how tourism should be regulated.

Under the amendment, the doctor in charge of infectious diseases could make a decision to quarantine an immigrant for up to 10 days if it is necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Quarantine would depend on the corona situation in the country of origin.

Marinin the model would not place those from different countries in different categories depending on how much coronavirus is present in the country of origin.

“Short trips would be tested once and longer trips twice, between which there should be quarantine. The safety of daily commuting must be addressed by other means, such as workplace tests. ”

There are now various complex definitions of countries that are dangerous or not in Finnish travel rules.

This is because mobility can only be restricted if it is necessary for health. The Constitution has made it very difficult to restrict fundamental rights such as free movement.

At the moment Finland defines a country with less than 25 coronavirus infections per one hundred thousand inhabitants during the previous two weeks as safe for the coronavirus, ie the so-called green country. This applies to the EU countries, the Schengen countries and the United Kingdom. At the moment, even Finland itself does not meet this condition.

The bill in the consultation is intended to facilitate travel. If it goes through, Finland would enter countries where the incidence of coronavirus infections is roughly double that of Finland.

Other criteria are included in the definition of a green country.


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