Transport Turku removes the rainbow shelters that attracted attention at the request of the Police Board

According to the Police Board, the rainbow protection road is in violation of the Road Traffic Act. The city of Turku had interpreted the Road Traffic Act differently.

In Turku the city of Turku will have to remove the rainbow shelter, which has attracted a lot of attention.

The Police Board took a position on the rainbow protection road in an e-mail sent to the city of Turku on Wednesday, in which the protection road was found to be in violation of the Road Traffic Act. In its position, the Police Board announced that rainbow painting is a traffic control device that should only be white.

Turku the city’s own interpretation of the road traffic law was that the guardrail would be sufficient to indicate traffic signs and white lines next to the rainbow guardrails.

“According to a regulation clarifying the law, a protective road may be indicated by road signs or roadway painting, or both. When doing rainbow painting, the city did not consider rainbow painting to be a traffic control device, ”says the city’s traffic planning manager. Matti Salonen in the bulletin.

According to Salonen, similar road paintings unknown in the Road Traffic Act include the red color of bicycle lanes, the blue color sometimes used in disabled places and the green color of electric charging points.

City has stated that he will comply with the request of the Police Board and remove the painting as soon as possible. A white guardrail is painted on the roadway.

The idea for the rainbow shelter originally came from the Turku City Theater. The purpose of the colorful protective road was to honor Pride Month.

Pride is a cultural and human rights event for sexual and gender minorities to be held in June.



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