Transport The speed of electric kickboards will be limited in Helsinki: In the city center, the maximum speed is 15 kilometers per hour

The restrictions are intended to reduce the increase in electric kickboard accidents.

Electric kickboards speeds will be regulated in Helsinki, the Ministry of Transport and Communications informs.

Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakan (sd) say electric kickboard companies have agreed to lower maximum speeds. Helsinki-based rental companies Voi, Tier and Lime voluntarily undertake to limit speeds at night throughout the city and in the city center during the day.

“There was a drop in speed from 25 kilometers to 15 kilometers per hour. How this is done in a concrete way is the responsibility of the City of Helsinki, and the actual regulation comes only after the holidays, ”the Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka (sd) says.

The agreement was reached when Harakka met on Wednesday with electric kickboard companies operating in Finland.

In addition to representatives of the Ministry, the meeting was attended by companies in the field as well as representatives of Liikenneturva, the City of Helsinki and the police.

Magpie says companies are ready to act right away.

“I realized this is coming into effect right away. Companies are implementing the restriction in slightly different ways. So this is a minimum regulation. Some companies may be more restrictive. ”

He says the companies themselves inform how they will operate.

“The companies realized that society isn’t just about looking from the side, drunk young people are being patched up at health centers.”

He says companies are international and have become accustomed to restrictions elsewhere.

Magpie says discussions with companies will continue in the fall.

“We’re going through how the summer went. Were the accident figures down? ”

Companies renting electric kickboards undertook to present the traffic rules clearly both in the app and on their websites.

According to Haraka, he has received a lot of feedback from citizens who are experiencing insecurity because electric kickboards are being driven illegally on sidewalks.

The magpie recalls that although kick kicks are not subject to prominence limits, under the Penal Code, an electric kick board driver can be convicted of a crime if he has caused another injury by driving while drunk.

The City of Helsinki is also preparing measures to arrange the parking of electric kickboards in such a way that there is no longer any danger to other road users.

Agreement was born when Harakka met on Wednesday with electric kickboard companies operating in Finland.

He had convened the meeting because both citizens and health professionals have been concerned about the safety of electric kickboards.

The purpose of the meeting was to find common voluntary rules and immediate action for the industry.

“The meeting was really fruitful and good-natured. I am really grateful to these three companies operating in Helsinki, Lime, Teiri and Vo, ”says Harakka.

In addition to representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and companies in the field, the meeting was attended by representatives of Liikenneturva, the City of Helsinki and the police.

“The situation with the road safety challenge was pretty much the same and therefore it was pretty easy to agree that all three would immediately commit to speed limits,” he says.

Electric kickboards security has talked a lot over the summer.

Helsingin Sanomat reported in late June that a record number of accidents occurred on electric kickboards in the Helsinki metropolitan area during May – June.

According to the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus), a total of 143 people injured in electric kickboard accidents were treated in Meilahti alone in the early summer.

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According to Hus, a particularly dangerous factor is excessive driving speed when combined with intoxication and with it a lower than normal reaction speed.

According to Hus, 25 percent of small trauma patients brought to the emergency room during a June night had been injured in an electric kickboard accident.

Citizens have also been annoyed by the fact that electric kickboards have been left along the sidewalks in shock. In this respect, preparations will continue under the leadership of the City of Helsinki.

In the world it has also been decided to address the safety risk of electric kickboarding with various restrictions.

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In Paris, for example, the speed of equipment is limited. In addition, companies have been ordered not to provide parking for electric kickboards on sidewalks.

The city of Copenhagen, for its part, has said it wants to ban the rental of electric kickboards in the city center altogether.

With the ban, kickboards could only be rented from shops. Also, the return of kickboards would only be possible to shops.

The transfer of illegally parked electric kickboards would be charged to electric kickboard companies.



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