Transport The peak of Midsummer traffic has passed, crashes congested traffic

A six-car chain crash congested traffic on Porvoonväylä in Sipoo at four in the afternoon.

24.6. 16:41 | Updated 24.6. 20:24

Traffic accidents have in some places congested Midsummer outbound traffic on Thursday early in the evening. However, traffic is expected to calm down towards the evening.

“Fortunately, the crash situations have now been resolved. Hopefully there will be no new ones, ”comments the traffic attendant of Fintraffic’s Tampere Road Traffic Center Jori Hilden To STT.

It is estimated from the Road Traffic Center at 7 pm that the peak of the day has already passed.

“Yes, Midsummer traffic is starting to be patted out already this Midsummer,” Hilden says.

According to the Road Traffic Center, Midsummer traffic has been normally brisk. Last summer, traffic volumes were low over the Midsummer weekend due to the corona pandemic.

Midsummer traffic picked up during the afternoon, says the traffic clerk at Fintraffic’s Tampere Road Traffic Center Juho Anttonen afternoon.

“By noon, traffic has picked up a lot on the main roads. There are several hundred more cars per hour.”

Traffic on the main roads went mostly well. Highway 9 was closed for some time due to a traffic accident, and congestion could momentarily form there.

In Sipoo, on highway 7, or Porvoonväylä, there was a chain crash of six cars in four afternoons. The accident injured four people in different cars, one of them more seriously, says a firefighter on duty Timo Tuomainen. Patients have been transported to hospital.

The accident happened about two kilometers from the junction of the limestone beach to the east. In the early evening, the traffic had already returned to normal, the Eastern Uusimaa police say.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Five At the time, on Highway 3, a rear-end collision of four cars occurred in Janakkala, which resulted in personal injury, but caused a momentary road closure. Traffic is already returning to normal.

In Kuopio, the Jännevirta bridge happened after one o’clock on Thursday serious traffic accident, in which one person died and two were injured.

Roadworks also slowed traffic on Nelostie and was expected to be congested during the evening.

This year, the telework recommendation is believed to have decentralized Midsummer traffic to some extent.

“People may have already been working on the land or at the cottage,” says Anttonen of Fintraffic.

There is also enough outbound traffic for Friday, but the peak was already reached on Thursday.

“I think tomorrow will be much calmer,” says Anttonen.



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