Transport Police are now stepping up speeding: speeding stopped a motorist with a speed of 142 kilometers per hour on Lahdenväylä in the morning

Serious road safety hazards and severe speeding increased significantly last year compared to the previous year.

Police will carry out intensified enforcement of severe speeding throughout the country this week, especially on main roads but also in urban areas.

Monitoring is carried out at all times of the day and by all available means of control.

For example, over the weekend, the police of Länsi-Uusimaa recorded 16 serious road safety threats and six serious negligences related to severe speeding.

A particularly high number of severe speeding was found on Turunväylä in Espoo.

“Supervision is also carried out at night, and quiet other traffic is not a reason to increase driving speeds,” says the Western Uusimaa Traffic Supervision Commissioner. Hannu Kontola.

Helsinki police say they recorded at least one serious road safety threat on Tuesday morning. In the morning traffic in Lahdenväylä, the motorist was speeding 142 kilometers per hour at 80 kilometers per hour in the restricted area.

In addition to the Lahdenväylä, the Helsinki police monitored traffic on the Itäväylä in the morning.

“In the spring, surveillance becomes especially necessary when motorists change to summer tires and motorcyclists enter traffic,” says a police inspector Heikki Ihalainen In a release from the Police Board.

Driving license the severe speeding that led to the loss increased last year. In 2020, the police apprehended about 6,000 suspected drivers of motor vehicles in Finland, which was 40 per cent more than in 2019.

For example, in the area of ​​the Western Uusimaa Police Department, almost a thousand speeding cases were found in 2020, which resulted in the loss of a driving license, which was considerably more than in the previous year.

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