Transport Motorists cannot find a parking space in Kivistö and Kaskela – You can park on Sorakentaa soon for a monthly fee of 50 euros

A resident can park on a gravel field for a monthly price of 50 euros.

Parking spaces in areas affected by scarcity, a regional parking sign is being tested in Kivistö and Kaskela. Vantaa will start the experiment next autumn, and it will continue until the end of 2022.

In both unfinished and under construction residential areas, motorists have had difficulty finding parking spaces. Parking has also been difficult for workers and resident guests.

During the trial period, those who have redeemed their parking ID can park on temporary gravel fields located on the outskirts of downtowns.

The price of monthly parking is 50 euros, weekly parking 20 euros and daily parking 5 euros.

Stone In the city center and in Keimolanmäki, the parking areas are Ruusukvartsinkatu 15 and 21, the parking area south of Kivistö Park Street and Keimolanmäentie between Keimolankaarte and Ajoport. The experiment also includes the current 24-hour parking area on Lumikvartsinkatu.

In Kaskela, the parking code is being tested on the site of a bus depot that is no longer used by Hakunila.

The experiment with regional parking codes is the first of its kind in Vantaa.

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