Transport Midsummer return traffic is expected to begin at noon

The busiest places are traditionally on Highways 4, 5 and 9.

Midsummer the return traffic is expected to start properly around noon today. It is believed to last until eight in the evening, maybe even ten, according to Fintraffic’s Tampere Road Traffic Center.

“Traditionally, the worse the weather, the sooner people go on a return trip. If there is great weather, warm and sunshine, the return traffic stretches quite late into the evening. It is very late that the last ones have arrived, ”said the traffic attendant Marja Sillanpää says.

By Sunday, afternoon showers or thunderstorms have been promised in the southern and eastern parts of the country. Most deaf people are expected from Tampere to the east, Lake Finland, Eastern Finland and Uusimaa to the east.

Bridgehead says that the volume of return traffic is also affected by the start of many summer holidays during Midsummer. Teleworking can also have an impact. The coronavirus epidemic has changed traffic volumes somewhat.

The most congested sections of Midsummer return traffic have traditionally been the same from year to year: Highway 5 from Mikkeli to Kuortti, Highway 4 in the Heinola region and Highway 9 from Jyväskylä via Orivesi to Tampere.



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