Transport Electric kickboard company Voi is trying to reduce speeds at night in Helsinki’s restaurant areas

The safety of electric kickboards has recently come up for public debate.

2.7. 19:44

Electric kickboard company May plan to limit the speed of its electric kickboards in Helsinki this weekend. The speed will be limited to night time from 11 pm to 6 am in areas with large restaurant concentrations, the company informs.

This is an experiment lasting at least one weekend at a time, with the aim of examining whether the number of night-time accidents can be reduced by lowering the speed. The maximum speed in Helsinki’s restaurant areas will be 15 kilometers per hour in the coming nights. Restaurant areas include Mannerheimintie, Bulevardi and Helsinginkatu, among others.

The safety of electric kickboards has recently come up for public debate. HS reported last week on electric kickboards occurred in early summer a record number of accidents in the metropolitan area.

According to the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus), a common electric kickboard accident was a high-speed fall. The most likely to be involved in the accident is a 20-year-old intoxicated young man on his way home from an evening out.

“Although drunk driving is against our terms of use, we can’t completely stop it,” I can chief operating officer Reetta Alastalo says in a company release.

“That’s why we are now trying to limit speeds on weekends in Helsinki as a pilot.”

Also politicians have recently called for action problems with electric kickboards. Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka (sd) reported Democrat magazine convene a meeting on the safety of electric kickboards.

The meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, will be attended by representatives of electric kickboard companies and the ministry, among others.

Commercial Director of Electric Kickboard Company Tieri Elina Burkland says the company is looking forward to Wednesday’s meeting.

“We consider it very important that this is discussed.”

Burkland says that limiting the speeds of electric kickboards to night time has already been discussed with various authorities and other operators, among others. The company’s wish is to set common restrictions for all operators in cooperation with various actors.

Currently, for technical reasons, it is not possible for Tierin to automatically limit the speed of its kickboards according to a certain time. However, this is likely to change, Burkland says.

“We strongly believe that we will start making restrictions when we get a common line on them.”



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