Tram traffic Major reform of Western Helsinki trams progresses – Commissioners argue for a long time about rising costs

The Vihdintie light rail line connects to the city center’s tram network, Raide-Joker, Rantatara and Ring Road.

Helsinki on Wednesday, the city council approved a general plan for western Helsinki trams.

This means that a new radial public transport backbone connection will be created to Helsinki. Its role in the public transport system is to expand the rail transport network, form public transport hubs and enable new downtown land use.

The light rail line connects the main city tram network, the Raide-Jokeri light rail line, the shore line and the Ring Road.

“The Western Helsinki tramway project enables housing in the vicinity of Huopalahdentie and Vihdintie, serves Kannelmäki’s urban renewal goals and improves the western Helsinki public transport system by replacing congested and polluting buses,” Deputy Mayor of the Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki (green) listed in the city council.

Western Helsinki the tram project has two new rail connections.

More than five kilometers of new tracks will be built on the Vihdintie light rail line via Huopalahdentie and Vihdintie towards Kannelmäki.

Another new connection is needed to the city center, because there is already so much tram traffic on Mannerheimintie that the express carriage cannot fit there. The idea is to transfer rail traffic from western Helsinki to a new rail connection via Topeliuksenkatu to southern Helsinki.

A new track would be created a couple of kilometers. The terminus of the city center is at Erottaja in Kolmikulma. From Munkkiniemenaukio to Erottaja, the light rail will utilize the existing tram network, which will be improved to suit the light rail in connection with the renovation.

In 2030, the West Helsinki tramways are expected to have about 40,000 daily users. The total cost estimate is currently € 160 million.

Officials had previously proposed to the city government that the decision on the light rail be postponed. The idea was that only when the maximum price of the project is known will the actual implementation decision be made. So now there would only be an approved master plan as a basis for further planning.

The Coalition would have found support for this line. The party is concerned that the costs of major transport projects are repeatedly getting out of hand.

“A few years ago, we discussed here in the City Hall a significant overrun of Raide-Joker’s cost estimate. It has now been reported that the cost estimate for the Crown Bridges (tram connection) is also being exceeded ”, Daniel Sazonov (kok) said.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the tram connection between the Kruunuvuori bridges has risen from what was initially estimated.

“Cost estimates need to be realistic and not proceed until proper estimates have been made.”

Sinnemäki pointed out that the Western Helsinki tramway is one of the key projects in the city strategy and part of the land use, housing and transport agreement (mal) concluded between Helsinki and the state. In the mal agreement, the state has committed to provide 105 million euros for the project.

“That’s why it’s important that the city now commits to the project.”

Western Helsinki three wish points were also adopted in connection with the adoption of the master plan for trams.

Thomas Wallgrenin (sd) the Council is required in future planning to explore the possibilities of securing ecological corridors, ie green connections, in The Hague and the surrounding areas.

In practice, the pony joined the forest of Riistavuori, against the massive construction of which many other commissioners made the pony. The Hague people are written Additional construction in the green area of ​​Riistavuori in connection with the tram plan.

Chairman of the Council Otso Kivekäs (vihr) did not, however, accept the ponies in which Riistavuori was mentioned, as the construction of the area is not part of the general plan for Western Helsinki trams.

Laura Kolben The (central) ponsi was to make up-to-date and multi-channel information available at all times on the progress of the transformation work. In this way, the harm caused by construction would be as small as possible for entrepreneurs and brick-and-mortar shops and stores.

Ted Apterin (kok) ponsi, on the other hand, concerned the updating of Helsinki’s 2018 depot plan in order to be able to reserve sufficient depot capacity for Helsinki’s needs.


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