Training The man was not elected to the school board – those who stayed on the beach appealed against the decision “in violation of the Equality Act”

Politicians dealt with an appeal on Tuesday, in which the remaining male candidate demanded a re-election because not all of the candidates were allowed to go through without a vote.

Helsinki politicians at the board of education and training discussed an exceptional request for redress at their meeting on tuesday.

A man who remained in the Töölö primary school during the election of the board of directors demanded that the voting result of the board be annulled in violation of the Equality Act.

At the end of August, five guardians, three women and two men were elected to the primary board. The Finnish-language division of the education and training division confirmed the selections among the boards of other schools later in the autumn.

So now the man with the fewest, three votes, demands that the election be made again “in accordance with the Equality Act”.

Parents are rarely sought after in large numbers on school boards. Even in Töölö, there were exactly ten nominees, ie as many as needed, as the full members will also have deputies. So the nominee had three men and seven women. Two of these women stated that they were directly satisfied with the reserve and were therefore not voted on.

The board also includes representatives of teachers and other staff and their deputies. No men were allowed to apply for these two seats and a spare seat.

For this reason, the man who has now filed for redress told the other guardians that all three male candidates should be appointed directly to the board and then voted on among the two remaining seats among the women.

The other guardians did not warm up to the idea. No one officially suggested deviating from the usual way of electing board members by voting, so the man who lost the election ended up as a deputy.

Laissa it is said that at least 40 per cent of both members and alternates on the school board should be both men and women, unless there are special reasons to the contrary.

Politicians did not accept the request for redress.

The rationale is that such a specific reason for derogating from the quota requirement is the lack of male candidates.

If all the men had been appointed directly without voting for the board, there would have been zero men in reserve.

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