Training Regional student loan credit in the headwind – a preliminary study supports the start of the experiment

One argument is that in Norway, the rebate has encouraged students to move to sparsely populated areas. The Association of Finnish Student Unions opposes: “Students’ livelihoods are a poor means of regional policy.”

Under discussion A preliminary study has been completed on the existing regional student loan credit, which supports its experimentation. The main reasons are, above all, the good experiences in Norway.

The purpose of the compensation is to meet the labor needs of sparsely populated areas.

The preliminary study has been carried out by the regional and municipal research center Spatia operating in connection with the University of Eastern Finland.

The report was handed over to the Minister of Science and Culture To Antti Kurvinen (center) by its predecessor Annika Saarikko (Central) has also proposed a model for Finland in Norway regional loan credit.

One of the concrete ways to solve the shortage of staff is to use a student loan credit. For example, a doctor who moves to an area in need of labor could get his loans forgiven.

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Clearance According to a survey in Norway, the rebate has encouraged students to move to sparsely populated areas.

In Norway, a student loan is repaid at ten per cent of the total amount of the loan each year, up to a maximum of approximately EUR 2,600 per year.

In 2015–2020, approximately EUR 11–13 million per year was paid in student loan credits.

The Norwegian model has its own student loan credit schemes for doctors and subject teachers, classroom teachers and kindergarten teachers. Not all of them require living in a special support area to receive a student loan credit.

Experiment also argues that the effects of the regional student loan credit on final relocation decisions are not known in advance, so that experimentation is the only way to find out the effectiveness and steering effect of the measure.

The preliminary study did not identify any legal obstacles that would completely preclude the experiment with a regional student loan credit, but fundamental rights issues still need to be assessed in the run – up.

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The feasibility study suggests that the experiment be carried out in an area where access to skilled labor is difficult. The pilot area of ​​Northern and Eastern Finland, which covers 25 municipalities, has been mentioned separately.

The condition for receiving the regional student loan credit would be that the student loan student lives in the pilot area.

Job could be located outside the pilot area, in which case teleworking in a sparsely populated area or expulsion from a sparsely populated area would be eligible for compensation.

The cost of a student loan credit experiment depends on the size of the credit, the number of beneficiaries, and the duration of the experiment.

Based on the information and proposals received from the preliminary study, the Ministry of Education and Culture will further evaluate the preparation of the pilot legislation.

University students The representative association of Finnish student unions (SYL) has been sluggish about the regional student loan credit.

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“Student livelihoods are a poor means of regional policy,” says the chairman of SYL Konstantin Kouzmitchev.

According to Kouzmitchev, a regional student loan credit would be unequal because not everyone has the same opportunities to influence where they live.

“It could happen that the wealthiest would stay in the metropolitan area to live,” Kouzmitchev estimates.

According to SYL, student support should be developed so that it applies to everyone equally.

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