Training Minister of Education Li Andersson: Attempts are being made to reduce the administrative burden on schools

During the weekend, teacher and author Tommi Kinnunen sparked a discussion about teachers’ exhaustion by announcing that he was on sick leave.

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Minister of Education Li Andersson (left) says the Ministry of Education and Culture will hold discussions with the National Board of Education on how to reduce the administrative burden on schools and teachers.

“The Board of Education has already decided to postpone surveys for which there is no acute need. It is also important that municipalities support the resilience of teachers with good supervisory work, ”Andersson tells HS.

The debate over teacher exhaustion has been dragging on for a long time because of the corona pandemic. Teachers urgently needed to learn digital skills, and some still have to teach even at the same time remotely and in classrooms.

Over the weekend the conversation intensified when the teacher and the author Tommi Kinnunen told Twitter she was on sick leave due to exhaustion.

“Since the hybrid teaching last January, jobs have seemed to pile up and fall over. The new ops in the autumn and the additional work related to the extension of compulsory education took the rest of the effort, ”Kinnunen said.

A new curriculum was introduced in high school this fall.

According to Kinnunen, the differentiation and support requirements for teaching are also in conflict with the increased group sizes, and the recording work takes time away from teaching.

Minister of Education Andersson estimates that the workload felt by teachers is the sum of many factors and applies to all school levels.

“The corona epidemic has been a very severe ordeal for schools, which has raised problems beneath the surface,” Andersson says.

“About € 200 million in Korona grants have already been distributed to schools, but more is needed because the epidemic is not over,” says Andersson.

Andersson admits that school reforms have been carried out at too rapid a pace.

“The high school curriculum process started last term, and it would have been pretty hard for me to start tearing it open,” Andersson says.

On the other hand, he advocates extending compulsory schooling to a timetable so that it can also be implemented during this term of government.

Li Andersson admits that school reforms have been made too fast.

Education chairman of the trade union OAJ Olli Luukkainen identify teachers too work, which has become apparent in the organization surveys. Especially principals have complained about their workload.

“The introduction of a new curriculum always requires more work. And now it happened quite quickly, when there was only five years from the previous one, ”says Luukkainen.

Minister of Education of the previous election Sanni Grahn-Laasonen (Kok) considers that the reform of the upper secondary school prepared under his leadership is necessary, as it brought, for example, statutory special education to the upper secondary school and increased cross-curricular education.

“The reform was prepared in co-operation with the field and approved by a large majority in Parliament. Of course, there is a problem if the implementation of the reform has not been supported enough in the municipalities, ”says Grahn-Laasonen.

According to Grahn-Laasonen, the current government should have postponed the extension of compulsory education due to the epidemic.

OAJ: n According to Luukkainen, high school teachers and students were also pressured by the emphasis on the matriculation examination in university student choices. “Especially the constant renewal of student exams and their correction will cause a lot of extra work.”

According to Luukkainen, high schools should now focus on the well-being of students and teachers: “If the strength is not enough, everything else, such as unnecessary paperwork and development, should be left for a few years. The goal should be for the juniors to catch their lives. ”

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