Training Minister of Education Jussi Saramo Yle: “Hundreds of millions of euros” are needed to fill the learning gap caused by distance education

In the past, the Minister of Education has talked about a € 200 million pot for interest rate fixes a year in the next few years.

Minister of Educationi Jussi Saramon (left) argues that bridging the learning gap and other negative effects of the corona pandemic and distance learning will require additional funding totaling “hundreds of millions of euros”.

According to Saramo, “another hundred million euros” would be needed next year.

Saramo was Yle’s Ykkösaamu guest on Saturday, and the training money is also on the table in next week’s frame debate.

April At the beginning, Saramo estimates that about EUR 200 million a year would be needed to fill the learning gap in the next few years.

According to the Minister, the additional money could be used to provide supplementary education in schools, strengthen support for children and young people, and ensure that the traces of the coronavirus in Finnish society remain as small as possible.

“We’re going to present in a frame argument an extensive package for children and young people to support learning, progress and mental health in the years to come, ”Saramo wrote on the Left Alliance website on 3 April.

On Wednesday the government allocated equality funding of 67.8 million euros to education to prevent the segregation of rich and poor areas.

A separate grant can be used to support areas with high unemployment, low-skilled or foreign-speaking residents, for example.

To Parliament education policy report it has been recorded that gender equality funding would be consolidated, ie it would become part of permanent budget funding instead of a temporary grant.

Education In any case, the focus of funding is to be shifted to core funding and support for long-term development instead of grant applications, or “project clusters”.

The funding would also take better account of the varying circumstances of the municipalities, the report outlined to Parliament. Parliament is to set out the guidelines for education policy until the 2040s. The previous report was issued in 2006.

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