Traffic | A small chase confused traffic in Tampere for kilometers – The pictures show the chaos

A back-up near the Vaitinaro exit severely congested westbound traffic in Tampere on Monday afternoon before 4 p.m. The coastal tunnel had to be closed from time to time.

To Tampere traffic going west from the center was badly congested due to a rear-end accident on Monday afternoon. The accident happened near the Vaitinaro exit at half past four.

Traffic was sometimes badly congested in the west direction. According to the Pirkanmaa rescue service, the tailgating that caused the traffic jam happened in the left lane a little to the east of the Vaitinaro exit. At the junction of Vaitinaro, highway 12 branches off from Vaasantie towards Rauma.

No one was injured in the chase, but the second lane of the roadway was closed to traffic while the accident site was cleared. There are two lanes going both east and west at the accident site.

Traffic was congested on the west side of Tampere’s Ranta tunnel on Monday afternoon from a long distance. The picture was taken at 15:49 in Santalahti.

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Rantatunneli was also closed due to congestion from time to time, which lengthened the queues on the east side of the tunnel.

Beach tunnel the closure has a wide impact on traffic throughout the city. of the traffic operator of Fintraffic’s road traffic center Marja Sillanpään at 17:20 the situation already looked good, and the cars involved in the chase had been cleared off the roadway.

“Yes, it suddenly becomes congested when it’s rush hour and people are returning home from work,” says Sillanpää. However, Fintraffic’s road traffic center does not have information on how many cars were standing in traffic during the nearly 1.5 hour traffic jam.

Sillanpää states that it was to be expected that a crash at a busy time would congest traffic. At its worst, the traffic jams extended to Neste near Kaleva puistotie in the east, and sometimes even to Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

This is what the traffic jam looked like heading east on Kekkosentie.

This is what traffic looked like on Lapintie after four in the afternoon on Monday.

At 15:40, the weather camera image showed how the queue stretched all the way to Petsamo.

At 3:45 p.m., there were continuous queues all the way to Petsamo. At 4:20 p.m., traffic lined up in the direction of the Naistenlahti power plant and on the ramp leading to Lapinniemi.

Even when driving from the direction of the city center to Santalahti, the traffic jams reached the Sepänkatu intersection around 4:10 p.m. On the Pispala highway, traffic was still moving in the west direction at 4:35 p.m.

“Yes, it always has an effect in every direction, that’s a very clear thing,” says Sillanpää.

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To the east, the tunnel was open all the time and traffic flowed almost normally.

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