Traffic | A 17-year-old is suspected of manslaughter: he ran over a one-year-old

The police have finished the preliminary investigation in the accident where a small child was left under the car driven by a family member.

The police are completed the preliminary investigation into the accident in Tyrnävä, in which a one-year-old child died.

“The preliminary investigation is complete, and the case will next proceed to prosecution in the prosecutor’s district of Northern Finland,” says the head of the investigation, criminal police constable Ilkka Riippa From Muhos police station.

A one-year-old child died in August in Tyrnävä, when he was hit by a car driven by his young family member on a yard road.

Riipan according to the police now have the course of events and the child’s cause of death is now clear. The child died from injuries sustained in the collision.

“The driver of the car is now suspected of causing death, but he is no longer suspected of endangering traffic safety, as the accident took place in a private yard, where the Road Traffic Act does not apply,” says Riippa.

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Manslaughter means that a person is suspected of having caused the death of another through their negligence.

The family member driving the car was 17 years old at the time of the incident. However, he already had a driver’s license, which can be obtained as a minor with Traficom’s exemption permit.

The completion of the preliminary investigation was reported earlier Kaleva.

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