Trade The fashion store chain Lager 157, called Ikea, opens a giant store in Finland, despite the interest rate crisis, the goal is growth

Known for its jeans and basic clothing, Lager 157 will open a large store near Turku next week.

To Finland a new Swedish clothing chain will arrive next week when Lager 157 opens a store in Raisio. The brand is especially known for its jeans and basic clothing.

According to the chain, the 3,000 square meter store near Turku is its largest and 50th store in a row. For example, a full-size football field is 7,140 square feet in size.

The Swedish word lager means warehouse in Finnish, which describes the chain’s new Finnish store.

Previously, Lager 157 has opened a total of 46 stores in Sweden. In Norway, the chain has three stores.

Lager 157 promises that the store, which will open its doors on Wednesday, will offer basic, outdoor and training clothing, children’s clothing and sneakers. The jeans section is said to be large.

Staff has already been recruited for the Suomen store at an event held last week. Chief Operating Officer of Lager 157 Johanna Wintherin according to the launch campaign, the chain is organizing competitions on social media.

Clothes shop suffered badly from the corona crisis, especially in the spring. In January – June, the fashion trade decreased according to the Fashion and Sports Trade Association, which represents clothing, sports and shoe stores 23 percent over last year. In September, the value of total sales in the fashion trade decreased by 11.4 per cent, and in January – September sales decreased by 18.1 per cent.

The growth of e-commerce is strong, but it still doesn’t place a notch in the stone leg.

Even otherwise well done clothes and shoes have not gone to the discount store either as good a trade as home furnishings and fitness equipment.

However, Lager 157 believes in its concept and plans growth in Finland as well, Winther says To Ilta-Sanomat, who told about the chain ‘s result in Finland.

“We want to expand in Finland, and we are looking for large retail premises, preferably in areas where other large stores are concentrated. On Tuesday, we will also open the online store for Finnish customers, ”Winther tells IS.

The company current CEO Stefan Palm founded the Lager 157 chain in 1999. Initially, the company’s business idea was to sell branded clothing at a low price, exactly half the price of its competitors.

Today, the chain only sells products of its own brand and has also been nicknamed “fashion store Ikea”.


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