Trade Tesco’s products leave S Group’s stores due to customs duties imposed by Brexit, replaced by French Carrefour products

According to the S Group, the reason for leaving the products is Tesco’s decision to focus on sales in its main market, as tariffs between the UK and the EU increase costs.

Englishman retail giant Tesco’s products will leave the S Group’s stores next spring.

The reason is Tesco’s own decision to focus on sales in its main market area after Britain’s EU separation, as tariffs between Britain and the EU raise costs, the S Group reports.

The last deliveries of Tesco products will arrive at the S Group this autumn.

There have been more than a hundred different Tesco products in the S Group’s selections, including frozen foods, potato chips, biscuits and tea. The cooperation began in 2016.

Tescon In place of the products, the S Group acquires the products of the French merchant giant Carrefour.

To date, the S Group has co-operated in its own brand with the Nordic co-operatives through Coop Trading, a joint venture in Denmark co-owned by the Nordic co-operatives.

These brands include Rainbow, Xtra and responsible Änglemark products.

Last spring, Coop Trading agreed on a procurement cooperation with Carrefour.

“For us, Carrefour is an inherent extension of giving the store more bargaining power for its own brands,” SOK’s Director of Grocery. Sampo Surface Saw says.

On the market own brands typically cover 10-30% of sales of food, depending on the product group.

“They are likely to reach a fifth of the market share,” says Päällysaho.

The sawmill estimates that the number of Carrefour products will increase to hundreds of new products over the next 24 months. Already, there are tea and cocoa drinks on the hot drinks shelves of the stores.

“Olive and artichoke hearts from Provence, among others, are coming.”

Tesco was the first to report on the departure of its products Kauppalehti.


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